Mummy, I want a pony!

My kids were lucky enough to have the most awesome experience last week – they stayed on a horse property in Nana Glen, near Coffs Harbour, for two nights.

My dear school friend Tracy owns a property there.

It’s set in the most glorious location and her horses are divine.

The kids were totally blitzed to walk the horses down to the dam in the mornings for a swim, feed them, get a chance to groom and ride them (the youngest rode a pony bareback!) and even learn a few Parelli tricks.

The Parelli Program is a people-training program focused on the study of horse behavior and horsemanship skills.

The program of natural horsemanship was founded in 1981 by lifelong horseman Pat Parelli. A former rodeo rider, horse trainer and all-around horse lover, Pat created the program based on his keen observation of horse behavior, psychology and communication.

The kids played “games” with the horses, including getting a pony to stand on a “pedestal.”

The eldest is convinced she wants to be a country vet when she grows up … I’ve suggested learning her times table would be a good place to start … and Tracy has told her she’ll loan her a horse if she goes to a renowned veterinary university in Queensland that allows students to bring their own equine friend.

Meanwhile, the youngest just wants a pony … preferably the one she rode and groomed during her visit … Winnie, who has a blonde mane that matches hers.

They’re both mad keen to go back to Nana Glen after Christmas for some formal horse-riding and Parelli lessons.

I see a Christmas gift idea coming on …

Here are some gorgeous photographs from our stay:

Thank you Tracy for such a beautiful experience.

Song of the day: Daryl Braithwaite “The Horses”




3 thoughts on “Mummy, I want a pony!

  1. We r so lucky to have trace!!! The work she did with zac & his behaviour problems with the horses over the times we have spent there helped him ’empathise’ & learn some calming tactics – more than any psychologist has done!!
    Then the added bonus of getting to drive the tractor & amber luvd mucking in helping with the feeding!!
    Best times!!

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