No money and no boyfriend are a BAD combination


Poor me! I’m lonely and broke.

DD is in Asia on business for the better part of two weeks. Normally this would be a chance for me to catch up with my girlfriends, but it coincides with me being penniless.

So I’m just sitting at home sending DD sulky text messages instead.

I’m broke because I forgot to pay one of my medical bills from my womb razing in February. A rather large bill for $1000.


Back in double-income days such bills were a piece of cake. Now I’m a single mum, not so much.

Poor me!

My mortgage is due tomorrow so I’ve funnelled all my funds and a cash advance from my now at-the-limit credit card to cover it.

There’s nothing left. Not a zack.

So drinkies or dinners with friends are out until I get paid next week.

I even fed the kids five-day-old spag bol the other night as a cost-cutting measure … they survived … phew!

It’s like being in my 20s again. Except with two kids and wrinkles.

I’ve been trying to talk people into going for night walks with me for a bit of free fun, but no luck. Everyone is busy.

Poor me!

Fortunately I’ve discovered the last season of Californication in the TV cabinet, which was purchased prior to penury.

So the dogs and I lie on the couch watching tellie together.

The last season of Californication is a bit past it’s prime …. like me … but it passes the time.

There’s a school fundraiser on Saturday night – Bogan Bingo. My ex texted to ask if I needed him to have the kids so I could go.

I replied that I was too poor. He didn’t take the hint.

But then, I’m not his problem any more. He’s slowly detaching my lifelines. The latest financial responsibilities he’s passed to me: private medical and internet bills.

It’s nice that he paid them for so long.

That lottery win better hurry up, I’m sick of this penury shite.

Song of the day: ABBA “Money, money, money”

PS Good news!!!! I wrote the above blog in a fit of woe last night …. and then my sister invited me over to watch The Bachelor and my tax return came through. Woot! Not only does that mean I can buy groceries, but I can also (finally) destroy my soul in a Centrelink queue to get single mum benefits. Double woot!

10 thoughts on “No money and no boyfriend are a BAD combination

  1. I have three words (technically more but you get the point) – ABC iview, SBS On Demand and Netflix!

    On the subject of finances…
    After being separated for 3 years, I finally got my act together and began to look into Centrelink payments that I might be entitled to. I had to go in to a branch to change my name so my tax and Centrelink accounts could be linked up thru MyGov account. Anyhoo… Things have changed at Centrelink! No more standing in cues for ever. A person finds out shat your enquiry is about and then you take a seat until they can see you. It was much more civilised than I was expecting.

    Anyway, you probably don’t even need to go in. Just do it online.

    I still haven’t managed to actually find the time to fill in the forms but at least I know a bit more about the process now!

    It was Bronwyn Bishop who inspired me to look into Centrelink payments. The thought of her luxury helicopter rides and fancy hotels/cars in Europe on the taxpayers’ coin, whilst I work my arse off for a very modest income and struggle had me aware that it’s OK to accept Centrelink help if I qualify.
    Thanks, Bronwyn!!!!!

    • The paperwork is filed for the lump sum refund. Need to just double check I’ve linked the accounts. I find the computer system they use a bit loopy, always has little hissy fits and shuts you out. Wouldn’t want to make it easy for you …

  2. YAY for tax refunds. I really need to get our tax returns done as I think we should get a refund as well – it’s in the ‘I just can’t be a*sed’ basked at the moment !!!!!

  3. Welcome to my life (no money, no boyfriend)! At least your boyfriend will return 🙂 and in the meantime you’ve got David Duchovny (the other DD). If we lived closer I would go for night walks with you.

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