Are you a good person?


I spend far too much time worrying about whether I’m a “good” person.

Such a waste of angst and energy.

But I also think some people don’t worry enough about whether their behaviour is “good” or “bad.”

They get too caught up in their misguided sense of justice and I’ve-been-done-wrongness.

The whole “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” thing gets forgotten.

My rule: never forget the “do unto others” thing.

Forgetting is why terrible stuff happening in the world.

People are so unbelievably horrible to each other … and to animals.

I’ll never understand either.

On the animal score – when I collected the kids from school last week, the eldest was distressed about a pigeon that was being tortured in the playground. It was injured and couldn’t fly, so kids were taking turns kicking it.

How can anyone – child or adult – hurt a living creature?

Yet living creatures get deliberately hurt all the time.

What do you do about an injured pigeon in the playground? A teacher suggested we take it to the vet.

I couldn’t see a vet being terribly interested in treating a rat of the sky.

Another teacher suggested calling WIRES.

I couldn’t see WIRES being terribly interested in rescuing a rat of the sky.

But the eldest was distressed and wanted to do something. So I told her to take her jumper off and catch the pigeon with it.

That’s when we saw the wound – it was HORRIBLE. I still get a bit retchy thinking about it.

The eldest wanted to take the pigeon home and nurse it back to health. It was pretty clear there wasn’t anything healthy in its future. So I gently suggested we transport it to a bushy location where kids couldn’t kick it.

Halfway home, the eldest loosened her hold on the pigeon for a moment and it managed to fly to a rooftop.

She was worried about “Scruffy”, but I assured her that the pigeon was out of harm’s way and could drink water out of the gutter.

Happy ending!

I suspect not …

But back to the “good” person thing.

There are sooooooo many nights where I lie in bed fretting about things I’ve said/done/written.

I know I worry too much, but I prefer that to not caring at all about the effect my actions have on others.

How about you?

Song of the day: Tears for Fears “Mad World”




5 thoughts on “Are you a good person?

  1. I am very similar. I think I’m a good person because I don’t intentionally harm people or animals but then on another level I wonder if other people see me as a good person or not. Do they look at me and judge me based on my size or do they see the good that I try to do. Does moaning about our bosses with a fellow worker make me a bad person even if what we say about them is true ?
    I lie awake at night because my husband snores like a friggin’ freight train but thankfully thoughts about whether I’m a good person or not do not hound my nights – rather work issues or devising ways to stop him snoring are the thoughts that cross my mind then !
    Have the best day !

  2. I know I sound pitiful but I really do think the way a person treats animals is a true reflection on their innermost nature. My third son ‘Hagar’ came over to dinner on Monday with his chihuahua Diego. I was so proud that my tough, six foot, sporting, electrician, tradie son is so tender towards a tiny dog. He’s taught it tricks and everything. I’m pleased to say I think I brunged up a noice person.

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