Whoa … that’s quite the Father’s Day revelation

I was shocked yesterday by a Father’s Day bombshell.

NRL star Greg Inglis went public with his secret son, a five-year-old cutie called Riley.

The little boy is the result of a brief affair Greg had with his high school sweetheart, while he was on a break from his now-wife, Sally Robinson.

Sally and Greg welcomed a son of their own last year, Nate.

The South Sydney captain decided to share the news on Instagram …



He captioned the shot: “During a well publicised break in 2009 from my beautiful partner Sally, who is now my lovely wife, I briefly reconnected with my high school sweet heart. The result being this awesome and outgoing boy named Riley. His mother is a very private person, but now that he has started school, we need Riley to know that I’m proud to call him my son. I hope all you dads out there who read this and know they can do better, stand up and be the best father you can be to your child/children.. Hope all Dads out there have a great Father’s Day.”


I can’t imagine being in his partner’s shoes when she discovered he was having a child with another woman. Greg hasn’t explained the how/when/why and he doesn’t need to … but, however it happened, it must have shaken their relationship to the core.

In fact, it was around that time the couple were involved in fight that landed them in court. Yep, it would not have been an easy time.

As commenter on the Instagram post wrote: “Sally also needs a special mention here because I reckon this situation would have been pretty hard to deal with. Glad to see them both together doing the right and proper thing.”

I think it’s awesome that Sally has managed to work through her mixed emotions and welcomed Riley into her family.

It’s made me wonder how I’d have coped if it happened to me.

My chest gets all knotted just trying to process it. It would be so, so tough.

I think if I loved my partner and felt secure in his love for me, my heart would insist the right – the only – thing to do was accept the little boy. No child should suffer for the mistakes of his parents.

Every kid needs their Dad.


As another commenter said: “Good on you and your wife for putting your children first!! My fathers real dad always kept him a secret from his wife and other children and I always think my dads life could’ve been so much happier if they would have accepted him as part of the family xx”

Can you even begin to imagine what you’d do?

Song of the day: John Lennon “Beautiful boy”


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