Happy birthday to my bestie


“What’s the good of news if you haven’t a sister to share it?” ~Jenny DeVries

It’s my little sister’s birthday today. Many happy returns, sis!

She’s heading to Newcastle for the weekend to enjoy some hometown R&R. We’re having a belated celebration in her new spa when she gets back on Sunday night … with champers and sushi. Niiiiiiice!

Blogger Mrs Woog recently wrote on her Facebook page:

Last weekend my sister Mrs Ryan came to stay. I told her that (apart from all the fake nails etc) we should be more like the Kardashians. Ie spend a lot of time together.

She looked at me sideways and replied… “No.”

But I love her and she loves me.

How do you get on with your sister? Love or Loathe! Tag them to let them know. (Unless you loathe them, because that would just be plain awkward…)

How do I get on with my sister? Well, as I noted in last year’s birthday blog:

She’s been with me through thick and thin, despite the fact I never manage to answer my phone when she calls during crucial moments in her life and still act like I’ll get sister germs if I hug her (what am I, 10?).

But we live less than five minutes apart in Sydney (despite having grown up in Newie); reciprocal dog sit for each other most days (more of a challenge for her as my little fluffy bastard likes to poo on her rug); and march inside each other’s houses whenever we feel like it, without knocking.

So I reckon we get along pretty well, despite being hopeless discussing how we REALLY feel about anything with anyone, including each other.

Maybe we’ll get better at sharing in our 50s …

Speaking of which, because it never gets old – even though we, sob, do – here’s an annual viewing of our matching outfits gallery …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How about you? As Mrs Woog asked: love or loathe your sister?

Song of the day: Sister Sledge “We are family”


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to my bestie

  1. I have a sister who’s three years younger than me and we had matching outfits too. I adore my sister. She lives within five minutes walk from me although we sometimes go two months without seeing each other! Busy lives unfortunately. I really should make more of an effort to see her…… but I’d say we are very close. She’s probably my closest friend in the world.

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