Heavy burden


My youngest is a sporty little poppet. Ask what she wants to do for fun and she will invariably reply: “Go to the park!”

Her favourite birthday present EVER is her Heely roller shoes. Our social lives revolve around going places with smooth surfaces so she can glide.

There are two very important items on her Christmas list already: a ping pong table and rip stick.

Last Sunday, I mentioned to my dad that the youngest was hankering for a pool table and his eyes lit up: “Aldi has ping pong tables on sale this week!”

(The Aldi catalogue is perused with biblical reverence by the House Snrs.)

My mum was all evangelical about us making an urgent trip to Aldi to procure a ping pong table, but I was in a lazy post-lunch haze and couldn’t be shagged.

I texted Husband instead and asked if he could do it. But he was busy.


So yesterday, instead of swanning around at some ritzy Melbourne Cup soirée, I joined the wrinklies and their walkers in the aisles of Aldi.

I hadn’t quite processed how big and heavy (55kg) a ping pong table might be.

Ping pong tables don’t fit in shopping trolleys. And Aldi isn’t big on providing assistance with your parcels.

So I hefted the ginormous box onto the top of the trolley and prayed it wouldn’t fall on any grumpy old men at the checkout.

At the lift, nervous moments were spent deciding whether it would actually fit inside. It did. Just.

An eternity followed while I waited for a lift that wasn’t crowded with wrinklies and their walkers.

When an empty lift finally appeared, I manouevered in and out. Much silent cursing accompanied the realisation I’d gotten out on the wrong level.

Another eternity followed while I waited for a second empty lift.

Finally, I made it to the car, where I thought: now what the hell do I do?


Great care was needed to protect my dodgy sacrum.

Eventually I shoe-horned the bastard in and spent the drive home wondering how the bloody hell I was going to get it back out again.


It’s still there. I haven’t come up with an answer yet.

But I got it. And it was only $89. Bargain!

I’m a determined little thing when I put my mind to it.

Song of the day: Neil Finn “She Goes On”

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