My week: don’t let the turkeys get you down

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I let the turkeys get me down.  And boy did it hurt.

We have this 25m x 5m concrete strip along our back fence and a family of bush turkeys have decided it’s the perfect spot for a nest. Now that might not be such a problem in a leafy, rambling backyard, but on concrete it looks like Armageddon as Bush Turkey Dad scratches around our backyard, flipping every bit of dirt and wood chip and leaf mulch he can find out of the garden onto it.

Every day we sweep it up, every day he starts again.

I’ve been storming around the garden with a Nerf watergun over my shoulder shooting at him and sure, he disappears for a moment, but as soon as I turn my back, he’s at it again.

I was doing our daily restoration of order when I bent to flip the bin full of mulch into the garden.


There went my back. Or, more specifically, the ligaments in my pelvis.

My pelvis was already dodgy from the Chicken Incident. The various physios I have paid hundreds of dollars to help me recover from my “splits injury” are always entertained when I tell them about the Chicken Incident. You see, it had started raining and I had two baby chickens tweeting around on our back deck, so I grabbed one in each hand and dashed inside, then slipped on the wooden floor boards and … splits injury.


And now, around a year later, just as I was starting to finally do lunges again at the gym … who knows when I’ll do Pump again.

Wow it hurts.

At first I tried to pretend everything was fine and kept raking. I was loathe to call Husband because relations between us weren’t cordial. We’d had a falling out the previous night. We were not friends. But finally I faced the fact I needed help more than I needed to remain on my high horse.

Husband dashed home, frantically searching for late-night physios on his iPhone as he went. Which may explain why he ran up the back of someone on the way …

It turned out to be one of the school mums. Eeek. Unfortunately, we have form in this area. (See Small World Syndrome.) So we may never hear the end of it.

And to think we’d only just gotten the car repaired from the last crash … (See The Crash.)

(Read more about the turkey hell here and how it might – together with the bunny problem – cause a divorce here.)

But it wasn’t all physical injury this week …


My heart was sore on Monday at Husband’s grandfather’s funeral. Wow it was sad. The kids were sobbing as we waited for the coffin to be loaded into the hearse.  Not surprising, considering it was their first funeral.

But there were funny moments too, such as learning during the service that Husband’s great-grandmother was Madame Ouzo, fortune teller and phrenologist, on the show circuit in NSW.

Oh yes, she was!

At the wake, I started chatting to Husband’s cousin’s wife and realised she lives 10 minutes drive from us. Guilt trip! So I promised to have her over to lunch (Jackie, if you’re reading this, I’ve had a bit of a setback with the whole turkey business).  Read more about the twinnies encounter here.

Meanwhile, over at iVillage …

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  1. Poor you! Hope your recovery is as speedy as possible! (And soooooo cool about Madame Ouzo! The things you find out at funerals, hey?!!)

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