Bringing back “bulk fun”


I appear to be single-handedly bringing “bulk fun” back into the Aussie lexicon.

Although I’m sensing some people hadn’t realised it was there in the first place. Maybe it’s a Newcastle thing?

Anyways, it’s one of my little verbal mannerisms that’s hung around since teenhood and has infiltrated the blog over the years … along with “anyways.”

The Slang Dictionary says …

Definition Of:


1. a great many; a great amount: “We’ve got bulk people staying at our place”; 2. immense: “It was bulk fun”; 3. cool; groovy: “Those new rollerskates are bulk”
No explanation of its origin, unfortunately. And I don’t have any light to shed, despite studying Australian slang for 3-unit English in the HSC. Oh yes siree, I did.  This chick’s no sandwich short of a picnic on the subject. (Another favourite expression is “kangaroo loose in the top paddock.” Geez I love laconic Aussies.)
It started becoming apparent that my affection for “bulk fun” was rubbing off on others when @mscackle tweeted: “Oh golly. I just said something was “bulk fun”. I had no clue for a moment where I got it from. *coughs* You’re infectious, !”
Then blog follower Geoff said: “Hahahah…I posted a video last night on FB and commented that it was “bulk fun”…Big Wheels for big boys.
I read a comment from a mutual friend this morning saying ‘bulk fun?'”
Meanwhile Pinky Poinker wrote a comment on one of my (ill-advised and now biting me in the arse) cranky blogs saying: “The bulk fun fairy will be dropping a parcel on you sooner than you think, I bet. Save some glitter for when she shows up x”
Wasn’t that lovely?
And a friend sent me this text exchange she had with her daughter, assuring me she’d said it “totally without thought”:
As for me actually HAVING bulk fun, I’m working on it … a few invites have been popping into my gmail account that promise to bring sparkle to the weeks ahead.
Have you been having any “bulk fun” lately? Tell me about it.  

Song of the day: Cyndi Lauper “Girls just wanna have [bulk] fun”

And for good measure … Wang Chung “Everyone have [bulk] fun tonight”





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