Long, hard nights of weeping


Separated life is a rollercoaster, I’ve just got to ride it.

Last week, my carriage hurtled into one of the dips and got stuck. Equipment malfunction. It finally started edging its way back up the incline on Monday afternoon.

By Tuesday I was good again. Not high as a kite, but in a nice, comfortable place.

I know I’m baaaaack when I start blasting loud music and singing along, or catch myself smiling about nothing in particular. The wonderful world seduces me with its magic all over again.

I’ve tried to analyse what brought me so low: a combo of being a bit wobbly without the kids; stewing about Husband having a fabulous time in Bali; RSVP being AWFUL; PMT being a bitch …

This is what got me back on track: working with a great bunch of people; going on a yabbery walk with a friend who’s been away for weeks, then sharing a lamb sandwich at a local cafe for lunch; lots of long, hot baths; whiling away hours renovating a house in my head; remembering I know a bank manager who might just be able to get me a home loan …

You see, I’ve found a house I like that’s going to auction. It’s big, has a gorgeous backyard … and is on an insanely busy road. But it’s cheap, in my local area and has a really nice, solid feel to it. It’s got – as they say in the business – “potential.”

And, while the busy road thing freaks me slightly, my new financial situation demands certain real estate sacrifices.

The upside is that the kids love it. They dragged me to Bunnings on Saturday to look at fruit trees and vegetables and flowers they could plant in the sunny garden. There was a bonus animal farm in the carpark next to the sausage sizzle. The baby goats were divine. The youngest insists she wants one of those, too. And a duck. And chickens.

I think we could be very happy in the house, aside from the screaming traffic metres from the front door. We could probably be very happy even with the screaming traffic. Double-glazing is a wonderful thing.


Song of the day: Prince “When doves cry”

The title of the blog was loosely inspired by this divine Crowded House song (sorry I could only find a live version with shakey camerawork) …






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