10 clever Christmas cupcake ideas


Last night, as tried to rally the energy to make my annual reindeer cupcakes for the youngest’s class Christmas party on Thursday, I started stalling by Googling cute Christmas cupcake ideas. At least I got to sit down for five minutes …

They came out of the oven at 9.15pm. All that’s left to do is ice and decorate them with a Chrissie drinks hangover tomorrow morning.

Ho, ho, ho!

Here are 9 more cupcakes to try if you feel like embarking on a little festive madness for your kids.

Christmas Tree Chocolate Cupcakes

Learn to make these amazing Christmas tree cupcakes using ice cream cones at Just A Taste.

Or turn your icecream cones into Santa Hat cupcakes. Get the lowdown at Frugal Coupon Living.

santa  cupcakes

Get the recipe for these fun Santas from Pillsbury.

Learn how to decorate these strawberry Santa hat cupcakes at Bird on a Cake.


Although these ones from My Cupcake Day look a teensy bit easier …

How cute are these Christmas pud cupcakes from BBC Good Food?


These holly cupcakes are so simple yet so effective, from Pieces of My Life.


I love the idea of Christmas bauble cupcakes. The decorative possibilities are endless. These ones are from Kiddie Foods.


How delicious do these cupcakes sprinkled with crushed candy cane look? Get the how-to at Life in Red Lipstick.

What’s your favourite thing to bake for Christmas?

Click here for 5 more amazing Christmas cupcake ideas.

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  1. Loved this post! Even if I am at home with a stomach bug and do not in the least bit feel like eating any of them. Hope you and your family are enjoying Christmas! Loved the cupcakes with the strawberries, so sweet!

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