6 more marvellous cupcakes

I don’t know what it is with me and cupcake decorating, I’m a bit obsessed. I’m always on the lookout for easy-but-impressive new ideas for birthdays, fetes or just fun decorating sessions with the kids at home (they make a great school holidays project/afternoon tea).

Here are some of my latest finds … (search inspired by Alexcellent who tried out my panda cupcakes recently on her blog and is a mad cupcake decorating fan like me, as shown by her recent comment: “I was going to do little Abbott and Rudd cupcakes – “Politicakes” – for Election Day – but didn’t fancy working with grey fondant icing (Rudd’s hair). All too hard!”)

I love these Banana Split Cupcakes from Beki Cook’s Cake Blog. Get the recipe here. 

I have a thing for owls and these edible ones from Babble tickle my fancy.

How amazing are these hamburger cupcakes from Some Kitchen Stories?


These polar bear cupcakes look so cute. I found them on Flickr, without an attribution. If you know where they originally come from, let me know.


These Mickey Mouse cupcakes are SOOOOOO easy. You just need mini and normal sized Oreos and some white icing. Get the recipe at Yahoo Shine.

m&m cupcakes

These flower cupcakes are made with pretzel sticks, mini Oreos and M&Ms. Cute! I found them at Sara’s Shoebox.

For more HouseGoesHome cupcake ideas go to …

10 ways to be deliciously fashionable

5 cake stall ideas

Fancy a reindeer cupcake? 

Pigs might fly

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  1. I love your cupcake posts! Those hamburgers do catch the eye. The Mickey Mouse cupcakes look simple, but effective. We will have a go at something this school holidays. After learning about farms at school this term, my five-year-old son tells me he wants to make butter from scratch! I’d better google that then!

  2. Hi Alana, thank you SO much for the link back to my blog at the top of this post… I didn’t notice it this morning as I was too transfixed by the banana split cupcakes picture! Just saw the pingback notification this arvo – I’m still learning all this blogging technology! Enjoy your holiday baking!

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