10 ways to be deliciously fashionable

While searching for ideas for my next cupcake masterpieces – there’s a school fete coming up – I came across the most amazing stiletto cakes and, voila, an idea for a blog post sprang to mind. Wow, people are so creative when it comes to creating fashionable food. Check these amazing treats out.


Loving these stilletto cupcakes from Hoosier Homemade. But I think I’ll make mine with piccolo biscuit heels and honey jumble uppers.


Although these red stillettos are pretty moreish too, from Soiree Events.

heart cookie necklace

Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it around your neck … then gobble it up. These heart cookie charms from Bakeaholic Mama are gorgeous.

marshmallow necklace

On the other hand, these 100% edible marshmallow necklaces are pretty damn sweet too. From Cute Food For Kids.


On the subject of marshmallows – these ladies race day hats from Marshmallow Mum are cute too.


Or, when things turn festive, nothing beats a Santa Hat Brownie, from Daisy’s World.

chanel cake

For the woman who has everything, a Chanel … cake! From PeaceLoveChanel.

sunglasses biscuits

These sunglasses stained glass biscuits are AMAZING. They come with brilliant instructions at Diamonds for Desserts.


For a party favour with a difference, these jelly bean bracelets would hit the spot. From Kids Activities Blog.


And finally, this is a bit off brief, but I just couldn’t help myself. Who needs edible knickers when you can have a candy bra?

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