5 dinners my kids love

Dinner is so Groundhog Day when you have kids. Sometimes it seems like all I ever do – when I’m not working – is go to the supermarket, stagger home with the shopping and cook (with a little recreational blogging after I stack the dishwasher). Sprog 2 grouched the other day that I’m “always in […]

Yummy pear bread

Farmer’s Direct keep sending me pears – they must be in season – and I keep forgetting to get Husband and Sprog 1 to eat them. (There’s no way Sprog 2 or I are going anywhere near a fresh pear.) So they keep going brown and mushy. I decided I couldn’t let the most expensive […]

Nothing Compares 2 Food

My Ode to Feb Fast (I’ve started a day early and I’m dropping carbs instead of cabernet) with a little help from Sinead O’Connor … It’s been seven hours and fifteen seconds Since I took the carbs away I lay awake all night and I want to sleep all day Since I took the carbs […]