Meet my new babies

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Aren’t they sweet?

We made the trek to a place called Porsche’s Rescue on Sunday to collect them. BACK. OF. BEYOND.

I didn’t mean to come home with two chicks, I was there for a bunny companion for Frodo … but they were so cute, I couldn’t resist.

I have a sneaking suspicion they’re roosters. I’m a total rooster magnet. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. And what a treacherous bridge it will be, since I’ve signed an adoption contract with Porsche saying I won’t give them away or sell them.

But first, a little more about Porsche. Bless her, she rescues little fluffy things from animal shelters and finds them new homes: rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks … She started her labour of love in 2008 and has successfully rehomed over a thousand small animals since then.

We’d been planning to go to a pet shop to get Frodo a friend, but our local vet suggested giving Porsche a call instead.

And I’m glad we did, not only because our new bunny is so lovely, but because apparently adult bunnies sometimes eat baby bunnies that aren’t their own. Gotta love the animal kingdom …

Anyways …


Here’s what the site had to say about Lotto: “Lotto was seen crossing a busy highway before entering a florist. She/he was then taken to a vet clinic, and the staff went investigating to see if anyone owned the chick. In a dark alleyway they found a cardboard box with some bird seed and poop… it looks a lot like Lotto was dumped there before she/he made an escape!”


Lucky Dip:  “Lucky Dip was found as a stray, and was not reclaimed. So he/she has come here to find a new and secure home! Lucky Dip has imprinted him/herself onto humans, and will follow you around all day if given the chance. Lucky will also fly onto your shoulder, and just wants to be near you. Given the fact Lucky is only a baby, he/she will need to be kept indoors while growing feathers till Spring.”

Apparently chook dumping is the latest animal shelter scandal.

According to iVillage: “Hundreds of chickens are being neglected and abandoned at shelters around the country every year as people give up on their backyard projects when they learn the real responsibility chickens require — along with the realities of their egg-providing life cycle.

“Hens lay eggs for just two years, but can live for 10 years beyond that, according to a report by NBC News that identifies the growing abandonment problem. And further, raising the animals is hard work, requiring money, patience, and tolerance for noise and odour. Shelters and sanctuaries report a major problem as badly informed would-be farmers throw in the towel.”

Chicken rescuer Mary Britton Clouse told NBC News her group got about 500 birds last year, 10 times more than a decade ago.


And Bells: “Bells was dumped by her family at the pound before Christmas. As a surrender, she didn’t have any time, and the pound was already full of animals. She was put in a cage with two other impounded rabbits (Jingle and Merry), and they all got along, so we rescued all three rabbits.”

I’m not sure where Jingle and Merry are now, but Bells was all mine for $140 (sounds pricey, but it’s actually a bargain considering how much I’ve discovered it costs to desex a rabbit.)

Bells is a bit out of her comfort zone and has therefore has forgotten her toilet training, so there are little bits of bunny doo-doo EVERYWHERE. I’ve been assured she’ll get her groove back soon.

Bunny doo-doo doesn’t smell, but chick shite does so it’s pretty smelly having chicks inside the house … they do big sloppy ones everywhere, then stand in them and trek their poopy feet all over my floorboards … but they are so adorable that I forgive them. They love climbing onto the girls arms to roost. Awwwww.

And as soon as they get all their adult feathers I can shuffle them out on the deck.

As for Bells, she and Frodo are currently ensconsed in the shower recess. Bells has been very patient with Frodo, despite him dry humping her like a champion. The youngest keeps asking “What are they doing mum?” While I was struggling for the right words she said: “It looks like they’re mating.” And I was like YES, that’s what they’re doing. You are spot on.

According to Porsche the shower recess is the best place for Bells and Frodo for the next few days – forcing them to bond. I am not to intervene if Bells tries to bite Frodo’s head off, as they need to establish who is dominant, but so far Frodo seems to be triumphing … and humping … and humping some more.

How many pets do you have at your place? We’re up to seven chickens, two rabbits and two fish … (the kids are trying to include some slaters in the tally too …)

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  1. A lovely post, animal rescue stories make me happy! It’s a huge commitment having pets and people probably get them for the wrong reasons, then the novelty wears off. We have nine hens (all ex-battery farm) which were in a woeful state (scrawny, no tail feathers, debeaked etc) but have morphed into fat, fluffy hens – ‘the girls’; and two dogs as well (one big, one small – both believing they are human). Good luck with Bells, hope she acclimatises soon 🙂

  2. Alana, I could just kiss you. Thanks for posting this. Today is our little one’s 2nd birthday and we bought him a rabbit about 6 weeks ago and he’s been loving it (it seemed a bit cruel to wrap the rabbit up and stick him under the stairs with the other birthday gifts that he was given this morning).

    We are looking at getting chickens too, and maybe another bunny down the track a little. I have saved Porsche’s website in my bookmarks as we are no too far from her.

    I wish we had a bigger backyard like I had when I was growing up or the 3.5 acres my wife grew up on out in the country. We’d be starting our own farm now.

    And with all the joy that animals can bring, you can sort of see why Noah agreed to take on building the Ark. (Well, there’s that and all the drowning is bad….)

    1. Oh I would so love a huge, grassy backyard. Bunnies are beautiful pets, if they could just be persuaded not to eat every electrical cord and piece of furniture in the house.

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