Proud mum moment

So, a few weeks ago my eldest announced she had to give a speech about the history of her school.

Right, I said, where are the instructions from your teacher?

She told me here weren’t any.

I disputed her assertion heatedly. Everyone knows nine-year-olds can’t be trusted to remember ANYTHING. There had to be instructions.

The eldest steadfastly maintained there weren’t. I sighed and suggested we focus on the school 100 years ago, looked up a few old photos on the computer and downloaded them. But I refused to do anything more until I had proper DETAILS.

And then I promptly forgot about it. Life tends to proceed at a rather cracking pace these days.

The other night, “the talk” finally popped back into my head and I asked the eldest whether she had any new information about it.

She said: “Oh that. We did it last Friday.”

Now the eldest isn’t the most proactive of souls, so I was pretty sure she hadn’t rustled up a two-minute speech all on her lonesome.

So I asked what she’d done.

“I got up and gave a speech,” she said blithely.

But HOW?

“I took notes during everyone else’s speeches.”


I can’t decide whether to be ashamed or proud of her ingenuity.

8 thoughts on “Proud mum moment

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  1. I love that!! Any child that can think on their feet like that is going to be a successful adult. ..and yes, there were instructions 🙂

  2. Haha…you must be proud of such resourcefulness! I’ll bet her speech was a balanced and diverse range of ideas too (but if she were my student she wouldn’t escape a stern lecture at lunch time on plagiarism!) 🙂

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