HouseGoesHollywood: Ashton’s scary diet, Miley’s Playgirl confession, Kristen Stewart’s divorce drama


Ah, finally, back on my beloved PC for a weekend recap of Tinseltown trivia …

Miley’s sexy confession


Why don’t female celebs wear clothes on magazine covers anymore? Miley Cyrus appears on the latest US Cosmopolitan magazine without her top. In the interview she raves about her fiance, Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth.

“I’ll literally look at him and [will] be like ‘You are hot, dear god!’ The other day, I turned on the pool heater and it was steaming, and he walked outside and took off his clothes and jumped in the pool. I was like, ‘I’m gonna faint – the hottest guy of my life is in a steaming pool. This looks like a Playgirl shoot.’ So I took a photo and made it the background on my phone. My best friend grabbed my phone and was like, ‘Who’s that? He is so hot!’ That’s my hubby!”

Ashton’s scary diet


Ashton Kutcher has revealed the extreme lengths he went to while preparing to play late Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs in the biopic jOBS.

He watched “hundreds of hours” of footage, scoured his speeches, interviewed Jobs’ friends and even copied his “fruitarian diet”. The diet involved consuming only fruits, nuts and seeds and no animal products, vegetables or grains and “can lead to some serious problem”.

Ashton confesses he “ended up in the hospital two days before we started shooting the movie”.

“I was like doubled over in pain, and my pancreas levels were completely out of whack, which was completely terrifying.”

Kayne spoils his baby mama

Kayne West has spent up big on pre-push jewellery at the Cartier store in Paris for pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Kim posted this pic on Instagram with the caption: “The Don strikes again!!!”

ETOnline reports that the baubles include the Cartier Panthere Bracelet (embedded with diamonds), a yellow gold Cartier Love Bracelet with diamonds ($9,400), and the Cartier Juste un Clou, said to cost $34,650, plus two animal print bracelets — with an estimated total of $65,000.

In less glamorous Kardashian news, a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians featured Kourtney using her breast milk to try and cure Kim’s psoriasis, by leaning over and dripping it straight from her boob onto Kim’s leg.

“Are you really going to do this? Ew! Ew! That is so disgusting that you can just squeeze that and have it come out,” Kim squealed.

Kristen Stewart’s divorce drama


The British model cuckholded by Kristen Stewart has filed for divorce.

Liberty Ross made her separation from husband Rupert Sanders official late last week. The couple had been married for 10 years of marriage and have two children, Skyla, 7, and Tennyson, 5).

Director Rupert had an affair with Kristen while shooting Snow White And The Huntsman.  A paparazzi photographer caught the pair canoodling and the pics went viral.

An insider told US magazine: “They gave it a shot for the kids, [but] she was just so angry . . .she’s the kind of person who wouldn’t really ever get over it.”

Hot pics & clicks


* Damn Beyonce is one sexy mama in this pic she shared on Instagram.


* Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa have revisited the beach – in the Bahamas – where she told him she was pregnant with their son, Camden John, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the special news being revealed.  Vanessa recalls: “I wanted to look into his eyes when I said, ‘I’m pregnant. I wanted to feel his hug when he grabbed me with excitement. I wanted to take in the surroundings so that I would always remember the exact moment I told him he was going to be a father.”


* “Having the best day at work today.. #hemo #glee” tweeted Lea Michele.


* Sleepless In Seattle – The Musical (oh gawd, no) will have its world premiere at The Pasadena Playhouse in California on May 24.


* Vulture has a gallery of 27 candid pics from the Sundance Film Festival. Here’s one of my current fave hottie, Jessie Williams.


* Check out Mila Kunis as the Wicked Witch of The West in a promo shot for Oz The Great And Powerful. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!


* Katy Perry dressed as a male game show host for Ellen DeGeneres‘ 55th birthday on Friday. Ellen is 55?!?!?


* Ick, Sherlock Holmes star Benedict Cumberbatch has gone blonde to play Julian Assange in WikiLeaks movie The Fifth Element.

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