HouseGoesHollywood: guess who tweeted their baby’s circumcision?

Hot damn it never slows down in celebrity land. And this week it's all about over-sharing (which I can't really diss ... pot ... kettle ... black). From tweeting their baby's circumcision to posting videos of themselves half-naked in bed, here's what went down: >> Calvin Klein has launched a social media movement among celebrities,... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: Matt’s silver g-string, Jessica’s baby has a “wiener”, Kim’s miscarriage scare

Firecracker boobs, spray-tanned butts, wiener revelations ... welcome to a naughty gossip wrap-up ... Mike & Matt's flashy affair Oh my giddy aunt, check out the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine! Yep, that's Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in costume for Behind the Candelabra, the new TV movie (airing in the United States on May 26)... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: Jennifer’s stalking confession, Beyonce’s bizarre demand, Friends reunion

Stars, they're just like us ... they have celebrity crushes, they hate unflattering photos, they want people to notice them, they vow never to grow their hair again ... Jennifer's stalking confession Jennifer Lawrence has confessed on the Conan show that she's been stalking her crush, former Full House star John Stamos. "He was at a... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: Whitney’s brother hooked her on drugs; Bieber grabs a fan’s boob; David does a lap dance

    It's all in the photos today ... enjoy! Or be horrified. Whatever your poison. Whitney's brother confesses: I got her onto drugs Whitney Houston's brother Michael has confessed to Oprah Winfrey - on her TV show Oprah’s Next Chapter - that he was the one who introduced the singer to drugs. Whitney died a... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: Ashton’s scary diet, Miley’s Playgirl confession, Kristen Stewart’s divorce drama

Ah, finally, back on my beloved PC for a weekend recap of Tinseltown trivia ... Miley's sexy confession Why don't female celebs wear clothes on magazine covers anymore? Miley Cyrus appears on the latest US Cosmopolitan magazine without her top. In the interview she raves about her fiance, Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth. "I'll literally look... Continue Reading →

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