Royal boobies

I haven’t seen anything like it since “Whitney Houston’s corpse”. “Princess Kate nude” is the hottest search in Googleland. The whole world wants a squizz at the royal nipples. It’s funny the things that get people going.

Yesterday started out as just an ordinary Saturday for Housegoeshome. I’ve been trying to wean myself off weekend blogging and only posted a blog about cooking with manky bananas. But when I checked my hits mid-afternoon, only 42 people had given a stuff about The Banana Dare, despite my weak attempt at a saucy title. I’d been collecting gossip for HouseGoesHollywood earlier in the day and I thought, you know what, that Princess Kate nude scandal isn’t going to hold until Monday. The Sunday papers will have a field day with it and HouseGoesHollywood will be looking very, very old. So I whacked it on the blog.

My giddy aunt.

In the 14 or so months I’ve been blogging, I’ve covered everything from PND to playground bullying, but nothing – not even “Naked and alone with a woman” – has given me the search hits that a nude Princess has provided.

It’s already received 300 more views than my previous record holder, Murder, Medicine & Motherhood, about my friend who has been convicted of killing her four children.

So much excitement about some blurry pics of royal nipples …

Meanwhile, every publisher and his dog is keen for a piece of the action.

The Republic of Ireland edition of the Irish Daily Star has been condemned for publishing pictures of the cover of French Closer magazine and the inside spread featuring the nudie pictures.

The editor of the newspaper, Mike O’Kane, told the BBC that he printed the photos of the duchess as a “service to our readers”.

“She’s married into the royal family, she’s one of the most photographed people in the world, and she decides to partially disrobe on a balcony where it can be seen from a public road and she’s stunned now, or the Palace are annoyed that people are interested in this. Of course people are interested in this.”

Italian gossip magazine Chi has released a statement saying it will print the pictures in a special 26-page issue next week. “It is a story worth publishing in an extraordinary edition because it shows in a natural light the everyday life of a very famous contemporary young couple in love,” said Chi’s editor-in-chief, Alfonso Signorini.

“The fact that they happen to be the future king and queen of England certainly makes it more interesting and current, and in line with today’s concept of monarchy.”

The editor who first published the pics, Laurence Pieau at French Closer magazine, remains unrepentant, she’s even been suggesting there are more intimate pics to come.  She’s been posting a series of titillating messages on Twitter saying readers could expect the ‘hot Provence version of the crown jewels’. And added that readers would get the chance to ‘discover very sensual shots of Kate and her husband  Prince William’.

While British newspaper The Sun defied a Royal order not to publish the Prince Harry Vegas pics, it says it will not be printing pics of Princess Kate’s nipples. According to CNN: “The Sun has made clear that it won’t publish the pictures of Catherine, however. Editor Dominic Mohan tweeted: “The Sun has no intention of breaching the royal couple’s privacy. The circumstances are very different to those relating to the photos of Prince Harry in Las Vegas.”

I wonder what Prince Harry is thinking as he dodges the Taliban in Afghanistan? I reckon he’ll be whispering a secret “sucked in”, relieved that his goodie two-shoes brother is the one in hot water with the Queen for a change.

So, what are you thinking? Are you appalled, amused, bored or titillated?

6 thoughts on “Royal boobies

  1. Bored – don’t care, however I guess the fascination is seeing someone stuff-up, my first thought was why would you not just but on a bikini top when you are the future Queen of England – then realised I’m just jealous of someone who still has perky little breasts worthy of being flaunted – unlike my saggy, dropping size F’s which would limit my ability to walk if they weren’t hoisted and contained.

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