Great Scot

I met the most lovely bloke last night, Glen Moray Scotch Whisky’s Global Ambassador Iain Allan.

The Sydney Whisky Week festivities have begun and Iain’s masterclass was a great way to start.

Iain grew up near the Glen Moray distillery in Elgin, Speyside, and has been spreading word about its whiskies since 2005.

“What’s not to love? I work with whisky every day. It’s a great bash,” he says.

As I’m no whisky expert it’s always the people that make a difference to my enjoyment of the spirit.

I’ve never been to Scotland and Iain got me thinking it should be on my bucket list. DD lived there for a few years, so he’d make the perfect tour guide!

DD and I met Iain at Alfy’s Bar last night with the team from The Whisky List.

Alfy’s was an eye-opener, it’s in a happening part of the CBD, Regent’s Place on Kent Street, just near Town Hall. When we left at 10pm the whole place was jumping with people eating and drinking and having the most fabulous Wednesday night.

Alfy’s is a whisky-centric bar above Assembly Bar, it’s only been open a few months and it’s already attracted a dedicated following.

Also on hand for the tasting session was award-winning bartender Millie Tang.

The event kicked off with a highball cocktail she’d concocted. She confessed cocktails are her favourite way to drink whisky, and I’m a kindred spirit.


But I gamely tried six expressions of Glen Moray Single Malt Scotch Whisky, alongside different cocktail creations to experience the taste of Speyside, neat, shaken and stirred!

Our favourite one of the evening was matured in Chardonnay casks – DD was a big fan.

As for the cocktails, I am a huge Old Fashioned fan and Millie made the most delicious one with Glen Moray.

When it comes to what to eat when drinking whisky, Iain reckons seafood such as oysters are the perfect match. Fancy that!

We slipped away before the final cocktail as we had a bus to catch. I kissed DD goodbye and hopped off at the first stop, then he travelled to the end of the line.

I have two more solo whisky events tonight. Deep breaths …

PS Have you been to Scotland? Did you love it?

Song of the day: Fatback Band “Do the bus stop”

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  1. almost 10 years ago, I retired…..the morning after I went to buy a bottle of scotch for my dad’s bday…I knew nothing…at 10AM I was sampling peat and non-peat from all around Scotland, and thought, this is what retirement is all about….

  2. Hello Alana. I was in Scotland years ago for about two weeks. I will return one day. I highly recommend. Beautiful scenery and people. You’d love it. ❤️

    1. Hopefully I get there one day. I am still a bit freaked out by the idea of travelling to Europe. Not back in the groove yet after COVID

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