It’s an addiction

Blogging is my addiction. I feel compelled to do it every weekday.

I managed to ween myself off blogging on weekends a few years ago, but that took a mighty effort.

There have been periods where things got out of control and I was blogging three times a day, which was much too intense for my followers.

Plus there are two other websites – Drinks Digest and The Thirsty Travellers – and I madly starting building a third one a few weeks ago ..: fortunately sanity has prevailed and I’ve abandoned that idea.

As it’s a blog about nothing much other than what I’ve been up to the previous day, its appeal can be a little uneven for some people.

They prefer the funny or dramatic ones.

Alana drinking cocktails at alcohol events is less compelling. And yet I continue to sketch out recounts of these adventures late at night when I get home, then publish them at sparrow’s fart.

Because I am addicted.

But it is complicated when I also have an intense fear of failure and know that if I write about a drinks event less people will read HouseGoesHome that day.

Not that it matters really, as my readership isn’t massive and I don’t make an effort promote it, other than putting links on Facebook each day.

But lower readership makes me feel that I have screwed up.

Dilemma … as I went to two whisky functions last night.

Ah well, you’re stuck with a brief rundown, as everything else that happened yesterday was stressful but was work related, so can’t be blogged about.

The first function was for Jack Daniel’s Bonded at Hickson House in The Rocks. If you happen to be in the area take a look, it’s a stunning bar.

The event aimed to show how music can influence the taste of the spirit.

Professor Charles Spence collaborated with String Musicians Australia to create the Sound of Bonded track. When listened to while sipping Jack Daniel’s Bonded, the track’s melodic piano, low-pitched cello and high tempo violin are scientifically proven to enhance the whiskey’s caramel, oak and spice flavour notes.

I was skeptical but it’s true. The whiskey tasted different while the music played. How cool is that?

It was also pretty cool that there was a string quartet playing ABBA and other unexpected tunes after the sound experience.

Next up was a collaboration between Maker’s Mark and Beechworth Honey at Hinchcliff House.

Hinchcliff House is also an amazing venue – three floors of bars and restaurants in an atmospheric stone building.

I enjoyed. Whiskey and honey tasting alongside a three-course dinner and I can safely report whiskey also tastes pretty fabulous when it’s mixed with honey.

It was a pretty apt slogan – Keep Going – by the time I headed to the bus stop at the end of the night.

I am weary today because I couldn’t sleep. Not because of whiskey, but due to falling on the bus yesterday morning when it stopped violently and suddenly. I am pretty sore and grateful that tonight will be a quiet one.

Have a great weekend and I promise to blog about something non-alcohol related on Monday.

Song of the day: Bon Jovi “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

4 thoughts on “It’s an addiction

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  1. I used to blog daily but stopped. I miss it sometimes and wonder if I should try again but worry I’ve nothing of any substance to say or write about. I do some book reviews on my website but have been reluctant to write about anything else unless it’s the sort of thing that people would relate to. (Although I did a personal post last week!)

    I’ve got a draft saved (which has been there for months) about consuming vs creating and I’m conscious that I’m doing a lot of the former and not much of the latter and blogging – or at least writing – would fix that.

  2. Hi Alana, I’m a long-time reader of your blog and love to catch up with what you’re doing. Admittedly I am more interested in your writing about the personal, relatable stuff of being a full-time working single parent of teenagers and pets – I’m in the same boat. But I do read the posts about the alcohol event outings, as then I get the lowdown of new bars that have popped up in Sydney and note them for future visits. And it reminds me what a vibrant city Sydney is … especially now that I’m living in Canberra haha.

    I admire that you’re a dedicated writer and that you have created different channels for the things you’re passionate about. I think of lots of creative ideas but never act on them! As for my own writing, I used to blog regularly just about the fun (or more mundane) things I did, as well as expand on certain ideas I had. I would like to get back to some kind of creative expression – like Deborah said above, I do a lot of consuming. I have developed a hesitation about putting my content (posts, social posts) out there without a strategy! (Yes I work in comms haha). I seem to have developed a self-consciousness. But I think having a daily (or regular) writing habit is great and maybe I just need to re-start and stop worrying.

    As for your blog, I would miss it if you stopped blogging. If you ever write a book (I know you’ve got one in you) I would order it pre-sale!

    Apologies for the long comment – practically a blog post in itself.

    1. Thanks Alex. Mine is mainly addiction and therapy. I find the writing soothing. I am far to frank though, which is sure to bite me again at some point! Looking forward to a new post popping up from you at some point

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