A little hiatus

I’ve been missing in action for a few days because there hasn’t been time to scratch myself, let alone blog.

Something really has to give, but I can’t bring myself to decide what it should be. It isn’t feasible to continue tapping away at my computer from 8am to 10pm every day.

As Queen would say, I want to break free …

Fortunately I jumped on a plane yesterday to spend a few days recharging and celebrating my … gulp … 55th birthday.

Fifty freaking five – how did that happen?

I have no idea how the years propelled me so quickly to this point.

Upon reflection, my birthday wish earlier this week as I cut the hummingbird cake my boss baked me should have been to be given back all my lost collagen. I am very not happy to be looking so definitely middle aged.

But I wished for something else that I’m hoping will come to fruition in a few months time. Stay tuned …

As for where I am now, the answer lies on Instagram. I’ll fill you in on all my adventures some time next week.

We have some bulk fun stuff planned for today and it feels so good to be away.

Have a great weekend and keep your fingers crossed for me that my dogs survive being cared for by my kids.

Song of the day: John Denver “Leaving on a jet plane”

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