Expect the unexpected

I have learned to expect the unexpected at my place.

The eldest started TAFE this week and the first class task was to create zombie make-up.

It was right up the eldest’s alley and he decided to wear the make-up on the bus home.

I wonder if the people on the bus were prepared to expect the unexpected? The eldest reckons no one batted an eyelid.


I’m at the point where such exploits and the photographic evidence of them just make me giggle.

Mind you, the eldest is the offspring of someone who wore a red leather bow tie, a green raincoat and tartan gym boots to school (with a black armband when Split Enz broke up).

I have no idea why the school let me get away with it. And it horrified my younger sister, who would hiss at me to stay away from her in the playground when I was wearing unconventional attire.

Meanwhile the youngest went to the gym last night at 9pm, which I find equally eyebrow raising as the only activity I’m usually contemplating around that time is sleeping.

The gym is just around the corner from our place because we now live in the most gloriously central spot.

I relished that convenience yesterday evening as I walked two blocks to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for eggplant parmigiana, dropping a letter into the Australia Post mailbox on my way.

Bloody love it.

Song of the day: Michael Jackson “Thriller”

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