Is it a conspiracy?

You may recall there was a lot of “network degradation” and “planned maintenance” of the NBN service at my old place, which led to numerous panicked wi-fi-less periods.

I hoped my NBN “planned maintenance” issues would be over in my new abode, but nup, my service may be affected today between 8am and 5pm.

This follows it being affected between 7am and 5pm on February 7. And between 12am and 6am on January 31.

That’s an awful lot of maintenance in a 10-day period.

How the bloody hell are people supposed to work from home when their internet is fritzy for days at a time?

So much for modern technology.

Is it a conspiracy to get us back into the office full time?

I wouldn’t have so much of a problem with going to the office if I hadn’t bought an apartment where the dogs have to be locked inside all day. They can’t be trusted with the balcony door open because they go berserk and bark the place down every time they hear a noise.

There are a lot of noises – including the kitchen downstairs being jackhammered up this week – and hence there’s a lot of barking.

Since I have been slack and not had them accepted by the body corporate yet, this is a bit of an issue.

Locking them inside helps prevent them both hear and make excessive noise.

It does not, however, provide toilet facilities.

I’ve tried putting a little fake grass contraption in the corner, but Charlie decided to use it as a bed.

So I sometimes come home to little surprises after eight hours in the office.

Poor fluffums. Poor Alana.

I probably should have gone into the office today rather than yesterday, but I forgot.

And now I’d better scarper to find myself some free wi fi. First world problems …

Have a good weekend. Mine involves a little adventure.

I will give you the lowdown on Monday.

Song of the day: Power Station “Get it on”

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