I’m rich!

I don’t generally look in the spam folder of my gmail account, but my accountant said my tax return might be lurking there, so I opened it and guess what?

There was a message that said: “Your Email Account was selected for a Donation of $2,500,000.00. Contact us by this email at keramatmirgasanov@gmail.com for more info.”

I’m rich!

No, I’m not. Do people actually fall for that rubbish?

Eye roll. Delete.

Add it to the endless parade of fake men who follow me on Instagram. I wish they would rack off and stop sending message requests saying dumb stuff like: “Hello sorry but I have to confess that you are a very beautiful woman and you have the best smile that only an angel’s head, meaning you are the head of all the angels around the world.”

Spare me. Delete.

Something real that I am excited about is the picture hanger arriving this morning to put all my art on my apartment’s walls. It is going to make the place look AWESOME.

Well, awesome to me. DD is a little nervous about me wanting the picture hanger to fill the walls with organised chaos – professional photography mixed with my own photo prints, my grandmother’s ceramic ducks, oil paintings, kids artworks and more.

DD noted on his last visit to my place that there was already “a lot going on” decor-wise.

As regular blog followers are well aware, “a lot going on” pretty much sums up every aspect of my life, so why should my decor be any different?

I have decided I don’t have minimalism in me. I am a more is more woman.

Stay tuned for show and tell.

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac “Little lies”

2 thoughts on “I’m rich!

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  1. there’s a funny Ted Talk on the subject, I’ll see if I can find it….the speaker actually answers one of those posts, I think it involved gold……

  2. I’m with you Alana, minimalism is so boring, I just don’t get it! I love the idea of a picture wall with all your treasured pieces hanging on it. it’ll be great!

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