Steamy afternoon

I am not sporty. I don’t like playing it. I don’t like watching it.

And yet there I was at Allianz Stadium on Sunday, cheering on the Rugby 7s.

I scored a couple of free tickets and took DD along, as he enjoys a spot of rugby.

It wasn’t my first experience watching a match, as I was on the sidelines when my nephew won his grand final last year.

It’s a curious game. All that hip holding and lifting each other aloft to catch the balls. It’s a bit like sweaty, violent ballet.

We had great seats for the competition, which is a faster, modified rugby game with only seven players per team on the field at any one time and the games finish in just 14 minutes of play.

(There are so few people in the opposite stand because it was in the direct afternoon sun, the seats filled as the light faded.)

Aside from enjoying the lifts, I loved it whenever someone found a hole in the other team’s defences and sprinted down the field to score a try. I screamed along in excitement with the rest of the crowd.

We were sitting next to hundreds of Fijians, who were all wearing blue fuzzy wigs and were very pumped about supporting their team, which added to the fun.

Actually, lots of people dressed up and danced like lunatics whenever the cameras turned to them during the day.

Watching the NZ women’s team take out the winner’s trophy was such a buzz – they are total legends.

So it was a fun way to spend an afternoon, but the humidity nearly defeated me. I have no idea how the Irish teams coped.

There are no selfies of me from the day because I was so cactus.

DD was very worried about how flattened I was. I told him I have form in that area.

I went to Penang with my ex in my early 20s – after we had only been dating for a month – and proceeded to get heatstroke on the first day. I actually started incoherently babbling.

My ex seriously questioned his decision to take me along when I followed it up by getting the flu at our second port of call, Koh Samui.

The combination of the heat and a huge weekend meant yesterday was a bit wobbly for me.

I may need to slow things down a notch as I approach my 55th birthday.

My weekend included two walks with friends, grocery shopping, fake plant hunting, drinks on a friend’s hotel balcony at the Coogee Crowne Plaza, an ocean swim, an 80s party in Maroubra, a pump class and lots of Googling of Santa’s Village in Lapland, which is on my travel wishlist.

Prepare yourself for selfies of me with reindeer.

Staying here …

And sitting in an outdoor hot tub watching the Northern Lights …

It may be a sign of my advancing age – combined with heat exhaustion – that I have also been madly Googling “Christmas markets river cruises”.

I won’t be fulfilling any of those fantasies for quite a while, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

I am really looking forward to having a holiday that doesn’t involve working half days.

Lapland may be a long way off, but fingers crossed there are some mini breaks in my future.

Song of the day: Rolling Stones “She’s so cold”

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