Decorating frenzy

Things are starting to come together at Chez HouseGoesHome. The electrician arrived yesterday to install my new lights.

The ones that were previously in the apartment were fake stainless steel or fake aluminium or fake something and starting to rust, so they’ve all been flung.

I am a bit worried that I have been too bold with my choice of a multi-globe pendant light over the dining table. Hopefully I get used to it.

In the same vein as my missing new car, I bought an ottoman in the Boxing Day sales that had to be transferred from the Harvey Norman store at Carringbah to the one in Belrose for me to collect.

Many weeks passed with no word from Harvey Norman, so I rang them on Sunday and, with nary an ooops sorry, they acknowledged that the ottoman was sitting in their warehouse … gawd knows how long it had been there.

I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t chased it up?

Anyways, it’s currently looking like it will become a very expensive dog bed.

I’ve realised my current sofa cushions don’t match the new ottoman, so I will need to buy new ones.

I must also get the picture whisperer over to hang my art properly and organise for Mr Choi to paint the whole place Glinks Gully. Perhaps then I will consider relaxing for a while and just enjoying the digs.

In other news, I had an epiphany about why I’ve been feeling a bit ho hum.

Menopause has decided to have one last hurrah with my emotions. After months of peace, I am having mini hot flushes as oestrogen rollercoasters its way through my body at night.

It is such a relief when you realise you’re not clinically morose, you’re just being tormented by the final, faint burst of hormonal disruption.

I’ve also been going through old photos and found this one of my mum and her best friend Barb, who is my godmother. They would be lucky to be teenagers in the shot and have stayed close ever since.

Above is a pic of Barb at my wedding.

I’m not sure if Barb is reading this, but she’s the most wonderful of women and I send her much love.

When my English friend Nic saw the photo, he exclaimed “OMG!” which I realised meant he thought it was a pic of me wearing bobby socks. I explained that it was my mum on the left and he replied: “I thought it was you! (and I don’t have any idea when colour photography made it to Australia ;-))”

Well, I do remember getting one of the first colour TVs in the street. Wow that makes me feel old.

I’d better dash, I’m heading to the city today for work. Catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: Simply Red “Holding back the years”

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