I can’t keep up

Communication may be sporadic over the next week because I am relocating to a holiday spot, where I will be working half days.

This is not ideal for someone who really needs a whole week off, but I am at a critical point in a project, so I had to compromise.

Relocating to a holiday spot in January is VERY expensive and I am feeling like a bit of a git for doing it, especially after discovering I had been tricked by the booking website.

The website showed me a lovely beach view from the balcony of the house, but it sneakily didn’t reveal that was only 25% of the vista, the other 75% is huge GRAVEYARD. Noooooooo.

I only realised after I paid the final deposit and they gave me the address of the house. I looked it up on Google Maps, spun the camera around and went oh.

That’s the way my life rolls.

Anyways, I am hoping there will be some fun moments in addition to the haunted ones.

On the plus side, the place is pet friendly, so the dogs are coming on the trip, which will save me a few stresses. The youngest is also tagging along and is keen to get some surfing lessons while I work.

I am yearning to completely switch off from work and other life stresses completely. It won’t happen this trip, but hopefully soon.

My brain is addled and my body is tired. I am struggling with the crazy pace of my life.

I had dinner with an old friend last night who is feeling the same way. We weren’t expecting the weight of responsibility to be so heavy in our 50s.

I feel a bit sorry for the people sitting at the tables on either side of us because we were in full rant mode!

Better out than in.

Have a fab weekend and I will catch you soon.

Song of the day: Ray Parker Jr “Ghostbusters”

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