Ignoring the signs

Wednesday night was one of those infuriating ones where I was bone tired but couldn’t get to sleep.

It wasn’t helped by Bilbo the moxie barking at regular intervals from his bed in the laundry. He doesn’t normally bark in the middle of the night, but I stupidly ignored the signs that something might be up.

Oddly, I wasn’t woken the next morning by the usual mad scratching at the laundry door. I lay in bed in blissful silence until 6.30am.

Finally, when I went to open the laundry door. I discovered why Bilbo had been barking. His brother from another mother had puked his guts up from one end of the room to the other. There was literally a river of bile and regurgitated dog food, plus a few bonus poos.

Forgive me if you’re eating breakfast right now …

The reason there was no scratching at the laundry door was that neither of the dogs wanted to step in the god-awful mess and had stayed in their beds.

I sighed, picked them up and took them out for a wee, then returned to clean up the smelly devastation.

Great start to the day.

Fortunately, it ended in a far more pleasant fashion. I went to dinner at the nearest pub to my new apartment, The Oaks.

Fun fact: The Oaks is the pub where my sister’s best friend’s mother and father first met. Nawwww.

But that’s not why I was there. I went with my Saturday walking buddies to toast my new life. They brought their youngest daughters along, who are all in the same year at the same school as my youngest.

I had only been there for dinner once before, many years ago, in the fairy light festooned and crowded courtyard of the pub. My friend Emily took us upstairs where there was literally no one. It was like we had our own private party room.

I had the poke bowl, which was very yummy and would have been a relatively healthy choice if I hadn’t eaten a slice of the youngest’s prawn pizza.

The pub is very quirky and cool and is currently up for sale. I reckon it’s a great buy if you have a spare $175 million. I kid you not, that’s what the price tag is!

The frantic scratching at the laundry door started at 5.36am this morning, Sigh.

Fingers crossed that means no puke.

Song of the day: Madonna: “Material Girl”

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