New heights

I made a little girl’s dream come true on Saturday when I organised for her to meet Bluey and Bingo.

I must confess to having a teensy stirring of desire to become a grandmother as I saw her joyfully watch Bluey and Bingo on stage before taking her backstage to meet her idols.

The look of joy on her face as she stood between the two characters was such a buzz.

The experience also gave me a few uneasy flashbacks when her little brother went absolutely spare with terror as a man in a dinosaur costume trotted past him.

It reminded me of taking my youngest to a restaurant in New York called Mars 2112 when she was a toddler. It was such a cool place – diners entered via a simulated rocket ship ride, arriving at a Martian-themed restaurant space. Waiters dressed up as aliens served us our food and it scared the living shite out of the youngest, who screamed “No like da aliens! No like da aliens!” at the top of her voice until they all scuttled away, never to return to our table.

The Bluey encounter came while I was working over the weekend at ELEVATE Sydney, which transformed Cahill Expressway at Circular Quay into a spectacular party venue featuring more than 100 performers over five nights and four days.

It felt pretty bizarre to be standing on what is normally a very busy piece of road, casually ordering poutine from an organic food truck and watching bands perform.

The youngest is peeved with me for not getting her tickets to one of her favourite bands, Spacey Jane, who played during the event, but I only had my special pass and am still so knackered by about 4.30pm each afternoon that I struggle to keep my eyes open.

That made it a bit challenging to see Avatar with the kids on Saturday night, which started at 7pm and ended three and a half hours later.

Avatar gave me a few flashbacks too, as my ex used a line from it when he was breaking up with me. He said we didn’t “see” each other any more.

“I see you” is a greeting used by the Na’vi people in the fantasy film, who live on an extrasolar moon called Pandora.

As director James Cameron once explained to Oprah, “I see you”  is a phrase with a deeper meaning along the lines of “I understand who you are.”

My ex and I didn’t understand who each other were any more.

It’s a bit freaky to think it will be nine years next month since we separated.

As for the Avatar sequel …

It was visually spectacular, it was violent and it was very long.

Song of the day: Elton John “I guess that’s why they call it the blues”

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