That was stunning

I didn’t have a chance to blog yesterday because I was on a surprise mini-break with DD.

He felt sorry for poor lethargic me and booked us a night at the Intercontinental Hotel to lift my spirits.

I caught a bus into the city to meet him after I finished work on Wednesday.

The Intercontinental Sydney is the most stunning hotel – it’s set in the former Treasury Building built in 1851 – and has just had a major renovation, so it’s even more gorgeous than before.

Check out the lobby bar …

How glorious is that?

This was the view from our hotel room:

Not too shabby!

DD also booked us a table at the rooftop Aster bar, which has one of the best views in Sydney. Imagine celebrating New Year’s Eve with this outlook …

We had the corner table that’s just inside the window in the photo above.

We sipped cocktails as we drank in the view. I had the SOL – Mancino Ambrato Vermouth, Tried and True Vodka, Toasted Coconut, Vanilla and Champagne.

DD had the ECLIPSE – Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum, Mitcher’s Bourbon, Stone Fruit and Firewater Tincture.

Sadly we couldn’t make full use of our location, overlooking ELEVATE Sydney, because I am still so freaking knackered. I am shuffling along like a little old lady.

I even had a special pass for ELEVATE Sydney, as I’m on standby in case anyone on my team gets COVID, but I could barely keep my eyes open come 9pm.

The event has transformed Sydney’s Cahill Expressway into a festival playground with live music, entertainment and a 127-metre long bar.

DD was very excited to hear a 600-strong drone show was taking to the skies at 10pm, but I was fast asleep long before then.

At 8am yesterday morning I shuffled back to the bus stop and headed home to work. My stamina is increasing slighly, I only feel like nodding off around mid-afternoon instead of mid-morning.

I also rallied last night to cook one of RecipeTin Eats most famous recipes: One Pot Baked Greek Chicken with Lemon Rice. It was slightly laborious but pretty yummy. The kids gave it two thumbs up.

I am very happy with my new cookbook.

I am less happy to be stumbling out of bed in a few minutes time to walk the dogs.

Today’s song should really be The Angels’ “I don’t want to face the day”.

Ah well, better get on with it … catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: INXS “Beautiful girl”

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