Eyes wide shut

I actually nodded off for a nanosecond at my desk a couple of times yesterday.

Damn COVID continues to wipe me out.

It has also taken away my desire to drink coffee and wine, so perhaps I should consider it a chance for a health kick.

Unfortunately it hasn’t taken away my desire to eat ice cream, so maybe not.

Speaking of eating, despite being delirious with exhaustion, I decided to make a recipe from the RecipeTin Eats cookbook I bought myself for Christmas.

Are you familiar with RecipeTin Eats? She’s an internet phenomenon who started the food blog from the kitchen of her Northern Beaches home eight years ago.

Now she has more than 4.6 million social media followers, over 335 million people have visited her website in the last 12 months and she has one of the best-selling cookbooks in the country.

How fabulous is that? Go her!


Whenever I look for the perfect recipe online, one of her creations invariably pops up. She cooks the sort of down-to-earth, flavour-packed stuff I love.

Rather than choosing something simple from her cookbook, I went for the mushroom lasagne.

Lasagne is not something to attempt when you are dead on your feet, and mushroom lasagne is even more fiddly than the meaty type.

The eldest and his vegetarian bestie loved it, but it will be a loooooong time before I attempt it again.

The youngest also returned yesterday after her Christmas holiday with my ex-husband’s family, so I have a full house again. It was lovely to have everyone around the dinner table, patiently listening to me babble about Corsica and my latest wacky furniture purchase …

Gotta go, the dogs are frantically scratching the laundry door down, eager for their morning walk.

No rest for the wicked …

Song of the day: The Pretenders “I go to sleep”

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