That’s rank

Let me start by apologising to all the smokers who are reading this blog post that I am about to offend.

You stink.

There’s a chain smoker who lives on the ground floor of my apartment block. I hear him coughing up a lung in the middle of the night. He’s not that old, maybe 40, but geez it doesn’t sound good.

Well, the cancer sticks you puff really stink and they make everything around you smell totally rank as well.

When I walk past the bloke’s apartment door the stench of stale cigarette smoke hangs heavily in the air.

It is AWFUL.

I don’t know how people who live closer to his apartment than me put up with it.

Fortunately I am up 24 stairs from his place and the air has cleared by the time I get to my landing.

I wonder what the rules are around cigarettes in apartment blocks. Can body corporates declare their buildings smoke free?

Mind you, I am far from the perfect apartment dweller. There will be a terrible racket at my place tomorrow when the delivery blokes attempt to carry my new buffet and hutch up the stairs.

This one weighs considerably less than the last and has smaller dimensions. The delivery blokes have been consulted and their verdict is that it’s a go!

I am very excited by the prospect of finally unpacking all the boxes sitting around me in the living room.

Well, I’m not excited by the unpacking part, but having a box free living room will be awesome.

Song of the day: Nirvana “Smells like teen spirit”

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