It wasn’t a mistake

Each day that I live in my new apartment I feel happier with my decision.

It’s not the glitzy dream pad, but it ticks so many downsizing boxes and it has a nice vibe.

My friend Mel popped over last night and we sat on the balcony, sipping a couple of seltzers I’d been sent and chatting in the cool night air.

It was lovely.

Mel gave the apartment two thumbs up.

Today will be a bit of a challenge. I need to go to work in the city for the first time since moving in and the dogs will be left alone with a pee pad that they don’t know how to use.

That’s going to be interesting … and potentially messy …

But my life issues are so small compared to others.

As for how the Kathleen Folbigg inquiry is going, it’s too soon to tell. I couldn’t be at the courtroom, but it felt like I was there in spirit as the logo I designed for the Justice for Kathleen Folbigg website many years ago has been printed onto t-shirts that her supporters are wearing (pictured above).

The inquiry, being heard by retired NSW Supreme Court justice Tom Bathurst, will produce a report to be sent to the governor, who could decide to exercise “mercy” or pardon Kathleen.

Alternatively, if it’s found there is reasonable doubt as to her guilt, the matter may be referred to the Court of Criminal Appeal to decide whether her convictions ought to be quashed.

Those are the two best case scenarios and both could take up to 12 months.

By then, Kathleen will have been in prison for more than 20 years.

Can you even begin to imagine? I’ve had glimpses of her life through my occasional visits. She has always been so strong. I think it would have broken me – I struggle with the stresses of normal life and I have my freedom.

My friends who are heading to the courtroom today promise that it will be a doozy. Keep an eye on the headlines ..:

Song of the day: Split Enz “That was my mistake”

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