It died and I didn’t notice

I feel a bit like Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend’ … wandering alone … searching for other survivors …

Mumabulous wrote a post last week asking “Is blogging dead?” The question came after she took a six-month break from her own site.

She said: “I’ve re-entered the room to find blogging on life support whilst being administered the last rites by a priest.”

I was a little startled by the news, but I do live a sheltered life these days. I’ve been blithely pottering along blogging five times a week, not realising the genre had popped its clogs.

Mumabulous said: “Participation in blog link ups has shriveled like a middle aged penis during a winter ocean swim.

“There has been scarcely any talk of the jaunt that is Problogger and blogger meet ups, a once thriving social scene, no longer seem to be happening. Worst of all none of my old favorites are writing (much) anymore. Get your act into gear girls!”

I’ll admit I’ve never participated in blog link ups and meet ups and the like. I’ve been more of a lone wolf writing for my own pleasure and sanity. Life as a single mum who works full time is also a bit too hectic for blogger love fests.

Maybe if I’d been more social I’d have noticed the bubble had burst. Perhaps then Mumabulous would have said: “None of my old favourites are writing much any more … well, except for HouseGoesHome – she’s still giving me a laugh every day …”

What Mumabulous really said is: “It seems to me that punters are no longer bothered enough actually click through to personal websites and read blogs when they can take in snippets on other platforms. I’m wondering where that leaves people like myself who actually want to write rather than post narcissistic selfie after narcissistic selfie on insta/snap chat/whatever it is this week.”

My readership seems pretty stable, though fairly silent. You’d think from looking at my comment section that I was talking to myself. But I know I’m not because I see the clicks each day, especially when something stupid or crazy happens in my life … which is frequently. People do love a car crash.

So I’m wondering: is Mumabulous right? Did blogging die and I didn’t notice?

(Mind you, if you Google the phrase “is blogging dead” you’ll find people have been giving it the last rites since 2014.)

Song of the day: Tears for Fears “Mad World”

19 thoughts on “It died and I didn’t notice

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  1. Hey Alana – I’m glad you are still writing and I am still here reading. But I stand by what I said in that post. I know people have been predicting the downfall of blogging for a number of years (much like people are always predicting a stock market crash). However I’ve noticed a real shift. The ‘scene’ has really changed. Events/link ups/discussion about how to make money from blogging etc have pulled back. Many of my favorites just aren’t around any more.

    1. It’s a bit sad that the community has ebbed away as I think it was so supportive to those in it. I think blogging can see a bit pointless sometimes – why are we doing it??? Especially when we don’t get paid. Unless we are Mrs Woog! It was nice to hear from you Mumabs and to see you blogging again.

  2. Don’t stop Alana – you are one of the most talented writers I know. Look forward to reading your blog every day. You always give me a laugh, or provoke further though

  3. I think blogging is in a renewal of sorts. People need a independent platform to share what they are doing. I am hoping for a long life ahead for blogging because its quite awesome.

  4. Still seems pretty healthy in the areas I read (you, Zentangle, craft, Minecraft), but I notice that those that are doing better are on other platforms as well, such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, whatever – the blog is part of a social media network. FB seems to be the thing that is starting to struggle, although I think they may have shot themselves in the foot in that regard.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and I’ll be back. I don’t think blogging is dying, I think it’s just changing and we have to change with it. Like you, I rarely have comments on my posts, but I see the clicks so I’m convinced people are still reading.

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