Over and out

I should have said my fond farewells on Friday. I am in the middle of moving hell and rapidly running out of time to get everything sorted.

I’ve decided blogging needs to take a backseat for a while, so I am logging off from today.

The weekend was a whirl.

My friends Emily and Fee helped me move all the plants – real and fake – over to the new place on Saturday morning and said they could both quite happily move into somewhere similar, which was lovely.

Afterwards we wandered around the block to have a coffee and enjoy the vibrant neighbourhood, which is crammed with restaurants, bars, cafes and other fab stuff. I can’t quite believe it’s my new life yet, but I think it’s going to be fun.

Emily also helped me carry a few more things onto the nature strip, which were gone by the end of the day. Hurrah!

I took the youngest over to the apartment in the afternoon with another load of stuff. She pronounced it small but tolerable.

DD came over with his trusty Karcher on Sunday to hose all the Indian Minor Bird poo off my deck yet again. Those rats of the sky are such a menace.

He also put a new lock on my storage room at the new apartment and helped me air the place, as it’s smelling a bit musty after being locked up for so long.

We were exhausted by late afternoon and the youngest and I were in bed by 9pm. Not that I could sleep … it is a battle to switch off my brain at night and the tightness in my chest wakes me at the crack of dawn.

I am going to investigate the dogs going to a kennel for two nights so they’re not underfoot during the move. I will feel like such a heel, but I think it’s a necessary evil and it will mean I can relax after a hard day of hauling stuff with my removalists – Posch & Silva – into the double garage at my new place.

Then my new flooring needs to be installed by my brother in law – aka the Choices Flooring purveyor – before Posch & Silva return to lug everything upstairs.

Oh did I show you the flooring I’ve chosen? Here is a pic of a sample, together with a piece of the travertine that’s in the apartment’s hallway and bathrooms.

There are still a few missing pieces in the moving plan. For example, it turns out the dishwasher in the new place leaks so I need to get a new one.

Also, the real estate agent didn’t have any remote buttons to open the entrance to the garage. I’ve emailed him to say I need two prior to final settlement on Friday.

I also need a set of keys for each child and I am terrified there are bits of the legal stuff I have missed because there hasn’t been time to think during my long, busy working days.

I am a bit panicked that I am doing the wrong thing. My chest is tight with stress. There is stuff that isn’t ideal about the new place, but the price was right and it is too late for regrets.

OK, I’d better put my nose to the grindstone and get through the week ahead.

Catch you on the other side!

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac “Go your own way”

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