Final warning

I am struggling to turn lemons into lemonade when it comes to my stupid car.

I took it for a service yesterday and pointed out that the driver’s side window wasn’t working for the second time in the car’s short life.

It went on the fritz at Easter. Ever since then, I need to press the button about six times to get it to edge down or up in increments.

I got a message a few hours after I dropped the car off that said the window’s motor had failed and it would cost $1200 to replace.

When I replied that I was very disappointed it had failed twice, the nice French service manager replied that Renault cars were notorious for having this problem.

Right. So that’s something to be proud of?

It will have to stay broken because I am not pouring more good money down the drain.

The car also needed some sort of new engine belt, which incensed me, since its new engine that is barely a year old.


But I sighed and paid for that, plus a $250 test to determine why the air-conditioning coolant is leaking.

All up the service is costing just over $1200.

I would just like to remind you for the 500th time to NEVER BUY A RENAULT BECAUSE THEY ARE SHITE.

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to trading in that piece of crap once I get the proceeds from the sale of my house.

To make matters more annoying, the new engine belt thingy had to be ordered in, so I had to leave the car there overnight.

They have promised that I can pick up the car until this afternoon. I will believe it when I get the call.

Bugger. I just remembered I have a dental appointment at 12.30pm.


Repeat after me: Never buy a Renault.

Song of the day: U2 “Lemon”

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