Disappointment and delight

Humanity filled me with disappointment and delight yesterday.

As I walked the dogs to the coffee shop, I ran into the old man who is courting me. He said I looked amazing with my new hairdo, like I’m in my 30s.

Thank you!

On my way home, a woman who I sometimes chat with handed me some flowers from her garden that she’d cut when she saw me coming down the street.


Then I got home and discovered that some lowdown dirty rat was impersonating me on Facebook and Instagram.


I was inundated with messages from people who the scumbag was trying to scam with a fake Alana profile.

I posted a message on Facebook saying: “Warning: someone is pretending to be me on Facebook messenger – ignore them!”

My friend Michele replied: “That’s a big job to take on!”


People urged me to change my password, but it was literally that someone had stolen my profile pics and set up a duplicate account.

At this stage Facebook has yet to deal with the criminal behaviour, so if you get a message from me, treat it with suspicion – I barely have time to scratch myself, let alone send out random “hi” messages.

I am a bit fed up with all the scamming that happens on social media. I would like all the fake men who are following me on Instagram to eff off and I definitely want the assholes to stop ruining Facebook by stealing identities.

Although, Facebook Marketplace is coming in quite handy.

I used some of my proceeds to pay for haircuts for both the dogs yesterday morning.

In the afternoon, a lovely dad called Martyn turned up at my house to collect the cane bedhead and side table I sold to his daughter.

I immediately used the cash to take the youngest out for pizza, with an enormous goblet of Aperol Spritz for me. Winning!

Hmmmm, what else can I sell …?

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac “Little lies”

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