Death pie

DD and I went to a preview of ‘Thanksgiving Month’ last night, which will see three American-themed venues in Sydney CBD host Thanksgiving experiences throughout November.

Over the month, each venue will offer a range of food and drink options that put a spin on classic holiday favourites such as Thanksgiving banquets, local music ‘parade’ line-ups, and a range of American-inspired cocktails.

When I got the invitation I responded immediately to let them know I was peachy keen to come along with a plus one.

The night kick-started with a banquet at NOLA Smokehouse and Bar, followed by cocktails at The Swinging Cat and dessert at Jolene’s.

Poor us …

The city was absolutely pumping last night. All three venues were packed with happy patrons and live music filled the air.

NOLA is such a special spot to enter – the fabulous decor feels like you’ve been transported to New Orleans and the vibe was enhanced by a jazz band. Our feast included mashed potato and gravy, corn, fried chicken, potato buns, roast turkey, Mac and cheese and other delights.

There was also a yummy cocktail with prosecco, peach and Jack Daniel’s.

A mini bus was waiting to transport us to the next venue to slurp cocktails. We shared a booth with a fellow blogger and Facebook friend called Maxabella and commiserated about the challenges of the teen years.

Then we wandered around the corner to Jolene’s, a lively Nashville inspired cocktail, whiskey and country music bar.

Here are some happy snaps … unfortunately none of us …

It was very amusing to send the youngest a pic of the pecan pie we were served at Jolene’s. Well, the youngest wasn’t so impressed, since she’s anaphylactic to pecans.

I decided not to kiss her goodnight when I got home, just to be on the safe side.

As you can imagine, DD had to sleep over after all that extravagance. He’s currently snoring beside me. I will need to wake him up soon – there are dogs to be walked, Nurofen to be popped and a big day’s work to be done.

Fortunately NOLA sent me home with a container of Thanksgiving leftovers for my lunch!

Have a great weekend and I will catch you on Monday.

Song of the day: Madonna “American Pie”

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