That was epic

I really don’t recommend starting a new job the same week as your boyfriend has a birthday and your house is being prepped for an off-market inspection.

It was intense and exhausting.

After spending last weekend frantically starting the prepping process for the open for inspection, my nights were consumed with endless cleaning and clearing.

I took a break on Thursday night to celebrate DD’s birthday. We went to a gorgeous place called Londres 126 for dinner. The decor was amazing, DD said it reminded him of being at a flash London restaurant.

It’s located in a new dining hub called the Quay Quarters near Circular Quay and is named after one of the most iconic home addresses in Mexico City – the address of artist Frida Kahlo.

We ordered lots of little plates: roasted scallops on the half-shell with ancho chili and ginger butter; Clarence River octopus with watermelon compress, shaved fennel and potato; tempura corn with kaffir lime and queso fresco; albondigas lamb meatballs with, chipotle caldillo and soft polenta; and chat potatoes with spiced salt and onion crema.

We also tried mezcal for the first time in our Margaritas, DD went for a classic and I went for a Tommy’s.

If you’re wondering what mezcal is … while tequila is made with only one type of agave, tequila weber; mezcal can be made from up to 50 different agaves and from different terroir, so the flavour profile is broader. It has a smoky flavour that was deliciously different in my Tommy’s.

After working all Friday, I spent seven hours that night frantically putting the finishing touches on the house. By midnight I was too knackered to keep going and got up again at 6.30am to continue the madness. My friend Fee popped over for an hour to give me a hand and then the place was opened for inspection at midday.

It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t totally embarrassing.

I let the real estate agents in, then bolted off to get my very grey roots done, skidding into the salon 15 minutes late and out of breath.

Sunday was a little more relaxed … a walk with a friend, a spot of grocery shopping, an unnecessary trip to the AFL oval because the youngest had told me the wrong time for her last match of the season, a return trip to the oval for the correct kick off for her last match of the season, then a Sunday roast at the pub with DD at 6pm.

There was a wood fire burning in the restaurant and the Aperol Spritzes were on special for $12, so I had to have one. (I thought I was out of the frame for the second photo … arty …).

If you’re thinking I look a bit different, I have a confession … it’s a combination of having my eyebrows dyed and airbrushing …

God bless Pic Monkey.

When we paid the bill for our Sunday roast at 7pm, the waiter asked what our plans were for the rest of the evening, bless his youthful naivety.

My plans for the rest of the evening were a date with my new packet of Nurofen and an early night …

Stay tuned for the lowdown on how the inspection went.

I hope your weekend was less panicky than mine.

Song of the day: John Mellencamp “Pink Houses”

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