Seller’s regret

I quite like my house now that I’ve cleaned and decluttered it … it’s in a convenient location, there’s lots of room, the dogs love lazing on the back deck and my bedroom is surprisingly peaceful considering I live on a very busy road.

I’ll be totes fine if no one wants to pay the premium that I have put on it.

It’s quite a good way to be approaching the situation I have created, with a potential sale looming on the cards, I reckon.

I’m a bit freaked out because I write a media report as part of my job each day and it’s filled with horror stories about the housing crisis.

An investigation by The Daily Telegraph found a dire shortage of rental homes has forced tradies, families, business owners and other professionals to live in shanty towns, motels, cars and even on a balcony.

I haven’t been sleeping very well worrying about whether I will be able to find somewhere to rent if I can’t find something to buy.

There is literally nothing on the market in my price range this week. Well, nothing great. All the interest rate rises have freaked all the buyers and sellers out.

There has also just been a NSW Upper House inquiry into homelessness among people aged over 55.

Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG) executive officer Fiona York said older women were particularly vulnerable to housing affordability and increasing rents.

“Older women don’t necessarily have any superannuation,” she said.

“They are in traditionally lower-paid work, part-time work, and they find themselves losing their jobs in older age or having to leave the workforce to care for family, or becoming unwell, and that compounds in later life.”

That’s not me right now, other than the “older women” bit, but I read about lots of women who thought it wasn’t them either until it suddenly was.

It feels very reckless to be selling a perfectly good roof over my head.

Ah, well, I will know in the next day or two how the dice have rolled.

Stay tuned …

Song of the day: Starstruck “I want to live in a house”

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