Everything goes kaput at my place at 8am this morning for six hours.

No power, no internet.

NBNCo and Ausgrid are both claiming responsibility. Who knows what’s really going on.

I seem to be hit with an awful lot of “planned maintenance” – alongside lots of the unplanned type – in my street.

The initial letter informing me about the inconvenience was sent to the former owner of my house, who has been gone for more than eight years.

Luckily I had a premonition that the letter was important and opened the other woman’s mail.

Not having power or the internet for six hours is very inconvenient. The children have been told to minimize their fridge use, as they tend to be in there every five seconds.

Mind you, the eldest rarely emerges before 1pm these days and will miss most of the blackout.

Ir means I will need to spend three days in the office this week, which will be quite the shock to my system.

Tuesdays are the day everyone is expected to make their way in and this week we have a function on Thursday that requires my attendance. Now Wednesday has been added to the mix.

How on earth did I ever spend five days a week in the office? It is such a palaver having to get out of my Ugg boots and leisure pants and trek into town.

And so much time is lost to chitter chat once I get there. I find the solitude of home much more productive.

I am also weary this week from a string of 5am starts.

This morning I woke early worrying about my to-do list before the power ends.

I am also stressed about the house and life in general and it’s making it hard to sleep.

My brain is spinning with anxiety about what direction I should be taking with my life and I am terrified that I will choose the wrong path.

It is such a big crossroad that I face with the potential sale of my house – I should know today if it is no longer mine.

Soon my kids will have moved out and it will just be me and the two ageing dogs. Where do I want to be, what do I want to do with the decades I have left?

It’s a bit confronting – and confusing – to be honest.

As I ponder the big stuff I’d better get on with the small stuff – making sure I’ve done all the tasks in my morning that require power and wifi before I head to the city.

Catch you tmw.

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