Schemes are afoot

The eldest decided to become a cobbler at midnight on Tuesday night. I was blissfully unaware because my bedroom is at the back of the house, but the very cranky youngest brought me up to speed about the ungodly noise yesterday morning.

Apparently there was much hammering and crashing as the eldest fashioned a shoe out of bits of rubber, leather and electrical tape. There was also an accident involving a little toe and a Stanley knife that resulted in a trail of blood throughout the house … left for mum to clean up. Retch.

The shoe project has been temporarily abandoned due to a lack of materials and replaced by a frenetic vampire teeth-making exercise.

When I arrived home yesterday evening there were lots of weird smells wafting around from the experiment.

I just nod and smile these days, it takes a lot to faze me.

I also didn’t have the energy because yesterday involved a job interview – keep your fingers crossed for me – and then a dash to Balmoral to collect the youngest from work experience at Public Restaurant and drive her to an AFL kicking workshop.

Then it was off to the supermarket for supplies, back to collect the youngest and then home to nurse myself through my 10th day of the flu.

No, it’s not COVID, I had a negative PCR result over the weekend.

I am very, very over having the flu. My sore throat and violent coughing are keeping me awake at night and I am so bloody knackered.

But it’s another big day in HouseGoesHome world, so I’d better get cracking. I will have tales to tell tomorrow if I have enough energy to tell them!

Song of the day: Elvis “Blue suede shoes”

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