Oddly moving

I find it oddly moving when I come home on a Sunday night and find my ex-husband has put my bins out.

As I turn into my driveway and see the wheelie bins sitting on the curb, I feel touched that he still cares enough for me to wheel them out to the nature strip.

There is an accompanying twinge of sadness that we couldn’t keep that caring flame burning brightly enough to sustain our marriage.

But I mainly feel gratitude that we have made it through the terrible tunnel of divorce to a place of kindness and respect.

We continue to co-parent productively, nine years after separating. We have put aside our differences and work together to ensure the best outcomes for our children.

The other thing I found oddly moving last night were the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. I popped over to my sister’s spa for a pre-Jubilee cocktail. We sipped a couple of TAILS Passionfruit Martinis, which were scrumptious, two thumbs up from the House sisters.

Then we sat together on the couch to watch the dazzling concert in the Queen’s honour.

I am not a monarchist, but was a little teary as I watched the Paddington Bear video that kicked it all off:

I know it was a work of mainly fiction, but I loved The Crown and watching it gave me a small insight into how hard the Queen has worked to fulfil her duties.

It was incredible to see so many people gathered to celebrate her big moment and also a little sad that she was not well enough to attend.

And now it is Monday. Another 15-hour working day is about to begin for me, so I won’t be blogging tomorrow.

I hope you had a great weekend despite the arctic conditions. It is sounding a bit wild and woolly out there again this morning. Brrrrr.

Song of the day: Queen “We will rock you”

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