What’s on the menu?

Prior to.the pandemic, DD spent half his life on business trips. It’s been a very quiet few years on the corporate travel front, but he was finally back in the air yesterday.

During his frequent flyer days, he would send me photos of fancy menus from planes and restaurant and I would guess what he chose. Then I would make my choices and we would image we were dining together instead of being thousands of kilometres apart.

It might sound weird, but I love a menu and I enjoyed living vicariously as he jetted around the globe.

It’s been a long time between menus, but he sent me one from the plane yesterday afternoon. I’m guessing he had the Thai fish cakes and the beef fillet with Paris mash.

Meanwhile in Sydney last night, I had an entree of house poached king prawns with smoked fennel puree, sorrel and nasturtium leaf paired with 12 Year Old Highland Park whisky; a main of red braised wagyu beef daube, porcini cream, onion petals, radish, linaria served with charcoal bread rolls and whipped chive butter and paired with 15 Year Old Highland Park whisky; and a dessert of honey poached pear, brown butter crumble and brown sugar ice cream parfait paired with 18 Year Old Highland Park whisky.

I think I won the battle of the menus.

Forgive the crappy food snaps. It was a bit hard to photograph it all because it was so dark in the restaurant. I also think it’s time for me to get a new phone and claim it on tax.

Anyways, DD was on his way to Chicago for a conference and I was at a pop-up whisky dining event for Scottish distillery Highland Park. 

The immersive dining experience is taking place at Palm House in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens from 3-4 June 2022.

Guests get to try a different whisky paired with each of the three courses. The venue looks so fairytale as you’re wandering through the Botanic Gardens towards it.

I was at the preview event, which kicked off with a Highball with Lemon and Soda, and concluded with a selection of cocktails: an Old Fashioned Ginger and Vanilla and Old Fashioned Salted Honey.


Described as the most “complex and balanced whisky on the planet”, Highland Park is characterised by flavours shaped by its Orkney Island home. From such a distinct and seemingly harsh place comes a single malt whisky that balances heather honey, spicy fruitcake and peat smoke.

That’s the fancy PR spiel, but I must admit it was very smooth and drinkable. I may be acquiring a whisky palate finally after all these events I attend.

I also acquired new friend, who has been blogging since 2014, which is almost as long as me. She and her friend used to be called The Adeladians, but they moved to Sydney, so now they’re called Two Girls Writing.

We had a lovely natter about her recent trip to Turkey and the crazy whirl of being an office worker by day and an influencer by night.

But I was glad to head off into the night after dessert, as it’s been a big week and I’m ready for a rest.

I am also missing DD very much already. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself in the cab on the way home, then we drove over the Cahill Expressway and I looked to my left and saw these words being scribbled by Ken Done across Customs House as part of Vivid Sydney …

And I couldn’t help feeling delighted, despite my boyfriend being mid-air on his way to the United States without me.

Have a good weekend. I’m going to try and take it easy. Wish me luck!

PS: Tickets to ‘A Wild Harmony’ Experience cost $95 per person. For tickets and event information click here.

Song of the day: America “You can do magic”

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