Divorce spoils

I feel fortunate that my divorce was so civilised.

We calmly discussed our co-parenting arrangements and the division of assets. There were no lawyers or astronomical legal bills or screaming matches over who deserved what.

And while my husband left, my connections with his family remained. I could pick up the phone to any one of them and be assured of a warm response.

I’ve stayed particularly close to my sister in law, which has been so lovely.

We haven’t been able to see each other for ages because of damn COVID, but she was in town this week, so we caught up last night for a cocktail at The Lobo and dinner at a little Japanese place called O’Uchi.

I chose The Lobo because I went there ages ago for a Bacardi function and loved the space. It’s a vibrant Caribbean-themed basement bar accessed via a spiral staircase that serves 250 types of rum, but we were contrary and chose gin cocktails.

We both ordered The Montclair – Bombay Dry Gin, spiced peach syrup, Aperol, peach bitters and a splash of grapefruit. Very delicious.

My sister in law chose O’Uchi for dinner because she’s coeliac and it’s recommended as a reliable place for gluten-free dining. I didn’t trust myself to choose a restaurant after taking my coeliac former nephew (I kept him in the divorce too) to a Mexican place recently that said it was gluten free but actually fried everything in the same oil as the churros.

We nibbled on delicious little morsels at O’Uchi including Lightly seared Tassie Salmon Sashimi w Green Chilli & Coconut Cream Sauce, Green Tea Smoked Duck Breast w Shallot Oil & Green Tea Salt, and Shiitake Tofu Gluten-free Gyoza w Sesame Chilli Dressing on Salad.

Nom, nom. All washed down with pink wine and non-stop chitter chat.

We only had a couple of hours together, which wasn’t really long enough. But we both got to 9pm and lost our puff. Middle age is a cruel mistress, as is the night bus schedule to my suburb.

I’ve promised to visit her in Melbourne soon.

Have an awesome weekend and I’ll catch you next week. You will be unsurprised to hear it’s going to be another crazy one for me … stay tuned …

Song of the day: Carole King “You’ve got a friend”

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