I am done

I had an epiphany as I stood on a ladder yesterday painting my eaves.

I don’t want a house any more.

I am done.

It was an unseasonably warm Sunday. The sun was shining, the air temperature was 25C, the water temperature was 22C and I wanted a swim SO BADLY.

But, no, I was fricking painting.

DD and I actually started the painting on Saturday. We were under the pump to get it done – the roofing guys took off the corrogated plastic sheets over the deck last week so we could put a touch-up lick of paint on the white rafters before the new roofing goes on.

I woke up on Sunday morning to this:

It had all dripped off during a shower in the middle of the night.


DD drove down to help me fix the mess on Sunday morning. We managed to scrub most of it off. But the deck will still need a few new coats of paint.

Then DD wandered inside and noticed what a terrible mess it was inside my house. He started vaccuuming and mopping and I felt so ashamed.

But I literally haven’t had time for housework for months.

And that was the moment I knew my love affair with owning a house was over.

I want an apartment, something that’s easy to maintain, where someone else takes care of all the big stuff.

But there was still maintenance to be done – my dream of apartment ownership won’t become a reality any time soon.

We needed a few paint brushes and DD was parking me in, so I drove his car to Bunnings and brought back a sausage sandwich for my hard-working boyf.

Then we both creaked and groaned a lot as we climbed up and down ladders to finish the painting, Finally, DD drove home and I decided to grab some groceries.

Except I couldn’t find my car keys anywhere.

I called DD and he said they were on my kitchen bench.

They weren’t on my kitchen bench. They were on the front seat of his car. On the Northern Beaches. .


I ferreted around and found my spare key.

Its battery was flat.


I really miss the days when car keys didn’t have batteries that went flat.

So I called my sister and confessed that I was in a pickle. She rescued me and drove me to a local shoe repair place to get a new battery for the key.

And there went my narrow window to get my lashes tinted and the grocery shopping done.

I decided to call it quits on chores and headed to DD’s for a roast dinner and an unwind.

And that was my weekend.

Not exactly what I needed, but hey, there was an epiphany in it, so it wasn’t entirely wasted.

Unfortunately the epiphany involves me getting my house ready for sale, which will be arduous, but it will be such a weight off my shoulders when it is gone.

I wonder what excuses I will find not to vacuum an apartment?

I hope your weekend was fun and painting free.

Song of the day: Cyndi Lauper “Time after Time”

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