Something feels different

As a general rule, when people ask how you are, they are expecting to hear that you are good.

It’s a pleasantry.

Saying you’re not good can be a bit confronting.

I haven’t been good since I caught COVID in a scruffy Fijian hut about 50 days ago.

But it’s a bit dull hearing about someone’s weariness and health problems for weeks on end.

So I’ve felt a bit embarrassed to have moaned on about my post-COVID-19 health issues.

There have been some mornings when I’ve felt so wrecked that I’ve had a little self-pity weep as I’ve trudged to the coffee shop.

But I woke up feeling different yesterday. Everything around me seemed brighter and sharper when I walked the dogs.

It took a while for it to compute: I felt good.

Well, as good as an almost 54-year-old woman feels at 6.30am.

The day passed in a busy whirl without me struggling to stay awake. It was ace.

Oddly, my friend Alice had mentioned to me on Sunday that her new boss had been battling post-COVID fatigue all week, then suddenly sprang back to her old self. She told me there’s a day – presumably when you’ve finally shed all the COVID inside you – that people wake up feeling fantastic.

I wearily noted that I hadn’t experienced that feeling yet.

And then, voila, it swept over me on Wednesday.

Fingers crossed I don’t relapse. There are adventures to be had … And an insane amount of work to be done.

I’d better get cracking.

Song of the day: Queen “We are the champions”

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