Bitter and sweet

There’s a delivery driver who is getting quite shirty with me. He’s jealous that people send me gift bags containing booze and snarks about my good fortune every time he drops something off.

The latest bag to incur his ire came from Taylor Made Wines, which has teamed up with a cool Sydney bar called Maybe Sammy to create a bottled cocktail.

Maybe Sammy was the winner of the Best Bar in Australasia Award 2021. It’s located on the edge of The Rocks and echoes the great hotel bars of Europe, matched with the swinging sounds of 1960s Las Vegas.

The drink Maybe Sammy concocted is designed to showcase the versatility of wine as a key ingredient for cocktails, along with the deliciousness of Taylor Made Adelaide Hills Rosé.

I was sent one to try, so I took it up to DD’s to share on his deck last night while I waited to collect the youngest, who was attending a 16th birthday nearby.

I needed the distraction because work is FULL ON. There is barely time to breathe. I think it’s probably the most intense job I’ve ever had, which is saying something.

But I am learning a lot and my bosses are kind, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

Spending some time with DD, chatting in the cool evening air as a storm cracked and raged over the sea, helped smooth out my frazzled edges.

Unfortunately, I had to go home – after being a mum taxi – and work, before finally crawling into bed at about 11pm.

Bring on the weekend!

Here’s the recipe for how to make the cocktail.


· 60ml Taylor Made Pinot Noir Rosé
· 20ml Gin (we recommend Ester Dry Gin from Sydney)
· 10ml Rhubarb Liqueur (we recommend Rhubi Mistelle from Victoria)
· 10ml Raspberry Liqueur (we recommend Distillery
Botanica Raspberry Liqueur from Central Coast, NSW)
· 5ml Rose Geranium Syrup (or Rose flavoured Syrup)
· Fever Tree Soda (to finish)

METHOD: To start, fill your glass with ice and leave to one side. Measure and pour all ingredients (aside from the soda) in your mixing vessel together with ice, and stir for around 30 seconds until the liquid is icy cold. Strain the mix into your frozen glass over ice. Top with soda and garnish if you feel so inclined. If you prefer a fizz-free tipple, strain into a coupette or into an ice-filled Negroni glass.

Cheers! Have a great weekend, catch you next week.

Song of the day: Sammy Davis Jr “Mr Bojangles”

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