Sitting on the edge

It’s been a long time between Avalon sunrises, so I packed some coleslaw and Southern-style crumbed chicken thighs and drove to DD’s for a sleepover on Saturday night.

I’m all class.

DD wasn’t keen on me setting the alarm for 5.45am on Sunday, as it’s his day of rest, but I implored.

Sunrises are a lucky dip. There were some insanely beautiful ones along the NSW coastline last week and I was hoping to catch some magic. But you are in the lap of the gods and the clouds and weather conditions need to be just right.

My friend Lisa took a series of beauties on the Central Coast that I admired, including this one:

And check out this one that I spotted on Northern Beaches Living:

Sooooo divine.

When the alarm woke us on Sunday morning there was no sign of colour streaking across the sky. But we jumped in the car and drove to the headland, just in case.

Sadly, clouds obscured the horizon, but it was still a beautiful time of day to sip a coffee and admire the view. I’ve discovered a little rock ledge that I like to perch on and look straight down at the sea.

Afterwards, we went to Palm Beach for a swim in the balmy waves, then grabbed smashed avo and poached eggs for brekkie at a cafe in North Avalon.

Such a nice weekend. I was so sad to leave DD and drive back to the reality of grocery shopping.

As I look out my bedroom this morning I can see the first glimmers of glorious crimson. Always the way.

Today is looking NUTS as per usual. I’m off to the airport at 8am and things just spiral out of control from there.

I’ll fill you in tomorrow.

Song of the day: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

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