Can’t slow down

I hit the wall on Saturday evening. There were tears. Lots of them.

I went to DD’s place for a bit of quiet time after our star-crossed lunch, but it got noisy instead. Well, I got noisy. I collapsed in a blithering mess after making it through a relentless week.

The only time I stopped last week was when I slept, and there wasn’t enough of that either.

I burnt the candle at both ends by working 49 hours in my day job, staying out late at the OpenAir cinema, putting out a Drinks Digest newsletter, parenting and scrambling around doing various odd jobs.

I’m not as young as I used to be, I’m still a bit knackered due to post-COVID symptoms and I’m probably slightly menopausal too, though it’s hard to tell when your womb has been through as much as mine.

I was also a bit overwrought about my roof and guttering needing $7500 in repairs. Sometimes it feels like I will be mired in terrifying debt FOREVER. It would be nice to buy the occasional frock rather than everything being channelled into urgent maintenance and kid expenses.

Cue emotional and physical exhaustion. Waaaaaaah!

But I am a resilient soul. I put my tears behind me on Sunday and had a lovely time. Admittedly, I didn’t slow down, but I stayed in the moment rather than fretting about things that are out of my control.

I went for a walk with my friend Alice, then I had a delicious breakfast with my sister at a local cafe, where we ran into a few mutual friends for an animated chinwag.

I made a yummy batch of sugar-free banana and date muffins for the youngest, then headed up to the Northern Beaches for a tear-free visit with DD.

I was desperate for a swim, but most of the beaches were closed due to dangerous surf. DD knows how much the ocean recalibrates me, so he’d gone for a drive earlier in the day to find one that was open. Luckily the kiddie corner end of Palm Beach near the ocean baths had the flags up.

The water was a glorious 27C, sooooo warm. We could have stayed in there for hours.

DD declared it one of the best swims of the season.

Then we headed to a local pizza place for an Aperol Spritz and a bowl of pasta together. It felt so nice to be out and about again now we’re both COVID negative.

I remained slightly sleep deprived on Sunday night because the torrential rain kept waking me up, but I felt much calmer about facing another freaking insane week of work.

The pace with my current contracting role is intense!

I need to find more balance in my life and not always feel compelled to race around at 100 miles an hour.

But right now I’ve gotta go … I have a media update to do … catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: Pointer Sisters “Slow hand”

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